Help Request - Woozone Amazon Affiliates plugin failing to import photos

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Hey Warriors, thanks for your time reading this.

I was excited when I got Woozone going, it looks like a very promising and powerful tool, but I ran into a problem.

Importing with "Insane Import Mode" from Amazon seems to work perfectly, except for importing the photos.

After the insane import, they come in looking like this.

Then I tried to run the asset download tool, which before execute looks like this and this

After executing, I get this.

In what might be a clue, the error message from the last picture comes up again after clicking OK.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Were you able to resolve it? I'm anxious to get back to work

I've disabled almost all unessential plugins, deactivated and reactivated Woozone, to no avail.

Here is my WooCommerce System Status report.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you.
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    Have you tried their own support system...?
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