Has Anyone Worked With Offline Businesses

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Is there anyone working with offline business and how is it working out for you? How are you going about getting business? If you are using Craigslist, then what exactly are you showing them to get them interested in working with you? I heard this could be a good business.
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    Search this forum for 'offline' and see how many topics come back.
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    Hi Jrmnlitt,

    hey I just got my first offline client last week

    Gonna start working with them starting next month. Now let me answer your question. All I did to find them was to go to Craigslist and look at the 'Jobs' section.

    So I didn't go there to offer my services. I approached it from another direction, I looked for businesses looking for SEO guys. I found 6 ads. Three were looking for PPC specialists. I have no clue about PPC.

    The other three were looking for SEO guys. I've sent them a short informal e-mail telling them in detail about what I do for my own sites.

    Three days later I had an appointment and next month I'm staring to do the SEO for one of the companies.

    Hope I could help.


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