Good Tutorial to transfer site from HG to Godaddy?

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Hi, I've been looking for a good tutorial on transferring a wp site from Hostgator to Godaddy. Although I'm not crazy about Godaddy hosting, I have a customer who bought a site from me and they want me to do the installation and everything of the site on their Godaddy account. They've given me their log on information. I called Godaddy but they aren't much help, as they say that they won't help do 3rd party installs, and Wordpress is a 3rd party.

So I could zip up the sites and just send them to the customer but I'm afraid of what will happen, as my customer seems to be very new to owning websites and really just learned about Adsense recently.

What would you do? Is there a way to do this painlessly? I'm looking for a good tutorial so that I make sure to cross all of my Ts and not to leave anything out.

Thanks for any help you all can provide.
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