RSS feeds-How do I put them on my site

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Hate to seem ignorant but RSS feeds do puzzle me. I gather the idea is to update my site and then use the feed to 'ping' the new content off to search engines.

How is this done? Do I need to just write (well copy from somewhere) a line or two of code and stick it on the page? Do I need to buy a programme? Do search engines have it?

Sorry if it's a basic question but I'm trying to learn and although I see lots of nice orange RSS buttons on other peoples sites I can't quite get my head round it yet.

Any help or explanations would be much appreciated.
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    Well, RSS means Really Simple Syndications.

    Two scenarios:

    1. Your own RSS feed - You create this yourself (automatic with blogs/wordpress), this is what you submit in RSS sites. Other users can also use your RSS to display your feed's content to their sites. If your site is not a blog, you may need to do this manually.

    2. Other sites' RSS feed - Using other sites' RSS feeds to display it in your own site.

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    Ok, this one is shameless plug but I think these posts will help you understand the RSS:

    Blogs and RSS in Plain English Videos | WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er

    What Is RSS And How You "Monetize" It | WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-Er

    last link to the post that is part of the series and might give you the answers you are looking for
    The WordPress Spotter - blog that teaches you all you need to know about WordPress
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      Thanks for the links Alex. I've no problem with 'shameless plugs' when they're helpful. I'll check them out and improve my knowledge. :-)
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