A WEED "Surprise Box" Subscription Service

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Pretty soon recreational marijuana is gonna be legal in many States and in Canada....

RIGHT NOW is the time to start thinking about how to cash in on this ONLINE.

I have had a few ideas like for example create a "Surprise box" subscription service where my online store would send specialty paraphernalia for those who like to toke...but this is just one example and i see in many industries already,.

I don't want to get into growing and producing...i thinking the big players have already established themselves in that space and I would just get ruined...but many of these big players don't have their online game established which is where I come in...

I am SERIOUSLY looking for the BIG TICKET...

Would love to here others thoughts on this massive industry which is about to explode....
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    I'm not really interested in this "niche" but I would love to start a crate business. Is anyone here doing crates? I might start one in my new niche (clothing) but not sure if this is a crateable business.

    Of course in the drugs niche you might have trouble as it still might not be legal to send this stuff or use somewhere like cratejoy.
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