Anyone else's clickbank sales slow start from last week?

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I was thinking maybe people don't have money to buy.
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    Honestly, 1 week of slow sales is no reason to panic...
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    You should perhaps consider becoming more aggressive in your marketing efforts. There is no shortage of money; your competitors may be nailing your prospects.
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    you need to advertise with networks
    like eleavers,adsrapidmoney,adclickmedia
    ad networks and reach out to more and
    more of people who search for products
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    Hi Buddy,

    It is very common, please understand at any cost you can't expect any constant results. There is no issue with clickbank for last week and this week too.
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    Some people around the internet have reported that for some reason the sales dropped off after having steady sales from clickbank. So what the people have done is get a second clickbank account and change the affiliate link or hoplink on their site and noticed sales increased again. Might be something to think about.
    Another reason could be that you're marketing the wrong products or you're marketing to the wrong people. You need is to find products that have a significant proportion of good, solid reviews online.

    Coming Soon...

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    Originally Posted by Kitiemau View Post

    I was thinking maybe people don't have money to buy.
    Many affiliates are earning $100's per day and are making consistent sales.

    Maybe it is time to check your marketing and where you are buying traffic from. This will make a huge difference for you.
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