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Wonder if anyone can assist with this one...

I booked myself a 3 month, 1/2 page slot for a magazine on sports betting here in the UK last month, with the intention being to market an affiliate product.

In true newbie style, I completely screwed it up by receiving 250 unique and targeted views in 36 hours...

And sent them to a forced squeeze page which no one opted for.

Lesson: manage expectations. Give the visitor what you said you would give them, without condition.

Anyway, I since changed the page to an optional opt-in, and I'm now receiving a trickle of traffic, but no sales.

Since I *have* to pay for the next two months anyway, I was wondering if any of you fine experienced peoples have any ideas what I could use as a different offer?

I thought about a different betting product altogether; there is a JV launch called Boss Buster going live tomorrow for instance which is all about gambling. Or a poker strategy series perhaps.

Another thought I had, though I'm not sure if I'm necessarily comfortable with it, is to put a CPA offer up for pay day and car log book loans. I would get anything from £14 - £45 should a person even make the application, but...

First, I don't know if that really is a good sideways match for betting and second, if it is, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable encouraging such action.

Then again, I am the one who placed the ad in a betting magazine!

Has anyone got any other potential suggestions for a half page magazine advert that reaches 30k readers a month?
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    I think I would be more concerned with figuring out why they are not opting in once they get to your squeeze page.

    What is it that you are offering them? It should be so incredibly tempting that they NEED to sign up for it.

    Do you care to share the squeeze page here so we can take a look?

    Your ad and your squeeze page need to be working in harmony, like a one-two punch, to get them on your list.

    Even if it doesn't convert to a sale right now, that's OK. You want them on your list so you get their permission to market to them forever.

    I wouldn't be thinking of changing horses in the middle of the stream, either. Most people need to see the same ad more than once before they pounce. That's with traditional media.
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