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Anyone here who sells course on UDEMY? When UDEMY sells you a 200$ course for 25$ how much do you the creator of the course get?12$ or 100?
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    Basic math, if Udemy takes 50% of the sale price $25 then you are left with $12.50.. Not sure where the $100 comes into play...
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      If you sell your course for 200$ can udemy sell it for 25$?Ive seen a lot of course worth 200$ who had a special price "for me "" of 25$. Does that mean that the creator of the course gets 12.5$ Who would agree to that. Or does UDEMY pay you the full 100 for this promotion that they are doing
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    Why are you asking here - instead of reading the info provided by Udemy?
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    If you send the traffic that make the sale you will get 97%
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    If sale comes from Udemy campaign then you get 50% of what they sell it for (in the case you list above - that would be $12.50. In case of you driving the traffic you get 97% of what you sell it for (you can setup your own coupon codes to run promotions in which case you get 97% after any discounts)
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