Can Anyone Recommend a Good Offline Marketing Course?

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I have read a lot about how it is relatively easy to profit from offline clients. Can anyone recommend a good course which you have personally benefitted from?

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    I can't tell you about a single one that I have profited most from. I am giving various courses away in my signature, if you want to take a look at it thought.
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    I see you're a war room member have you read this thread? I'm sure this is as good or better than any ebook you'll find + it's free!
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    Thank you folks for the recommendations. Any WSOs that anyone would care to recommend?
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      YR -

      Total disclosure - I have an offline course for sale as a WSO.

      There are a ton of them, most of the are good, some of them are crap.

      I think it boils down to the following.

      1. Your lifestyle and decisions. If you don't want to ever pick up the phone and cold call then one on cold calling won't work. Also if you don't want to go door to door or on craiglist, again those won't work. If you don't want to do direct mail then mine won't work.

      2. Your budget. You have time or you have money or you have both. Mine can be done super cheap but it does require some money. Others only require time. That choice is yours.

      3. You expectations of success. If you want to start today and make money tomorrow most of these courses can't do that for you. Like any business it takes time to get customers and get the ball rolling.

      Hope that helps you with some guidelines.


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