What is the best place to sell banner space?

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I have a quality health site that gets around 50k visitors a month and its increasing steadily. Its a quality site with lots of genuine comments left by users, some good back links to the site, etc. This is a site that I expect to get 10k visitors a day within two years because I now intend to pay full attention to it. Work and other commitments have meant neglecting it for some while.

I want to sell banner space with three options - for one year, 2 years or final option, lifetime. The site will remain live for many years to come. One can be sure of that. Person buying the banner space will be able to change it as often as he/she likes provided the request is sensible (say no more than twice a week) and the banner is family-friendly. Banner location - sitewide top (before site logo) or end of article.
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    Originally Posted by webrunner00 View Post

    Banner location - sitewide top (before site logo) or end of article.
    I am assuming that this is the actual question.

    Sitewide top you will have more interest and be able to charge more for the space. Will you be using a rotator so you can sell to multiple people


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      It will be located at the top (header area) or after the article. The banner will be site wide. I actually find banners or links located end of article gives me a better CTR because there's a high number of people going through the whole page. It could be ideal for anyone looking for clickthrough and/or exposure. Clickthrough will depend on how good your banner offer is, what you're promoting, etc.

      This could be ideal way to buy banner space for life now which will prove to be very cheap (in terms of CPM) in a couple of years time when visitor numbers are much higher.

      By the way, I meant what are some of the best sites to find a market for selling banner space.
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    I would take a look at BuySellAds.com and AdClerks.com. You might lose some of the benefits you've described (lifetime placements) but it would allow you to pretty much sit back and let them take care of the ad selling for you.
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      BuySellAds can lead to Google penalty. I am talking about any sites where I can sell space directly to a buyer, not through an intermediary. I also want to offer a long term deal (at least a year) so I don't have to worry about going through the hassle of not knowing whether inventory will be filled one month to the next.
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        Wasn't aware BSA can lead to a Google penalty. Where did you see this?

        Not sure of any places where you can (a) sell directly to the buyer and (b) charge a minimum of 1 year upfront -- other than listing it on your own website of course.

        The minimum term commit (1 year upfront) might put off a lot of buyers though, it might work for you but it might not work for the buyer.
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