What are the best project management and team management tools?

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What are the best project management and team management tools?
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    I use ZOHO projects & AWR cloud tool. It is dependent on your or client requirement and what kind of data they want.
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      How do you like the paid version? I've been going back and forth whether to get it as I use zoho for mail and crm. Just not sure of I want to port over my info from another program.
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    there are many tools for project and team management.it totally depends on your priorities and feature requirements.i suggest you to choose based on the size of business.
    I want to give top picks on Cloud based CRMs.

    Bizns Tool CRM(https://www.biznstool.com)
    Sales Force(https://www.salesforce.com)
    Base CRM(https://getbase.com)
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    I see 3 types of tools here.

    Sticky notes-like tools, e.g. Trello, that I've seen many companies use, but I don't see it as a tool that's professional enough. It can be used as a backup data repository or a personal organization tool, though.

    Project organization tools, like Basecamp, Asana, Teamweek and ActiveCollab are probably what you're looking for at the moment. They let you put in projects, tasks, subtasks, assign things to a person or multiple people.

    Finally, CRMs. If you're doing sales, then, for example, there's Platformax. These kinds of CRMs let you organize the prospecting and sales process, together with a support portal for clients afterwards, etc.

    If you're running any kind of agency, you'll probably need to combine a PM tool with a CRM, that's been my experience so far of an idea setup.

    Best of luck!
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    I prefer Techno-pm free project management templates and Smartsheet.

    Techno-PM (Free Project Management Templates)
    SmartSheet (https://www.smartsheet.com)
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    Hi sarawill,

    I've been using Asana for about 5 years now, works great, perfect for project management, team collaboration, and integrates with time tracking tools like Timedoctor, which I use for remote team members.

    I have my own custom developed CRM, but there are plenty to choose from and you can even use Asana as a basic CRM, using the board projects (similar to trello).


    Don Burk
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    Probably first you need to figure out what product you need. It all depends on the specifics of your business. I work with the contact center, it suits me best
    There is a function to monitor the productivity of the operator, work on the project (s)
    The multifunctionality of this cloud-based solution is multifaceted
    voiptimecloud /hosted-dialer
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    We use FindNerd-Free Project Management Tools in our Organization. Earlier, we used Asana and Trello for our different projects. Then we switched over FindNerd, to plan our project tasks and sprints with our team & client in a user friendly manner. This project planning and management tool is completely free where we can also manage our project resources, task and bugs issues at one place and can also easily evaluate the employee or project performance through productivity reports.
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    I've been using Proofhub from last 3 years and it does the job for me. I use it to manage my digital marketing clients, teams and projects.

    In past I've used Asana, Trello & Wrike too but those are costlier options and Proofhub is kinda all in one tool so it's the best so fare I've used.

    If I've to rank them then I'd go with:
    1. Proofhub (https://www.proofhub.com)
    2. Trello (https://www.trello.com)
    3. Wrike (https://www.wrike.com)
    4. Asana (https://www.asana.com)
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    For time tracking, I'd highly recommend TimeSheet Reporter - Time Reporting in Your MS Outlook Calendar - TimeSheet Reporting Made Simple, since it allows you to track time via Outlook.

    Note: I'm affiliated, so biased. But believe it's a great solution.

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    Ideally, project managers and team leaders have their own tools that are independent of each other but interconnected. Each tool is suited to the particular requirements of the respective role. You never know until you try. What works magic for one projects and teams may not work at all for others. Salesforce CRM is the best cloud crm which can manage your team as well as projects in easy manner.
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    OP posted in April 2017, almost a year ago. I have a funny feeling they've made their decision. Also wouldn't be shocked to discover it was a soft lob for a "friend" to answer, given the newness of most of the responding accounts.

    Anyway, for the benefit of those watching, I'll share my experience.

    I have used dozens of tools over the past 20+ years, including proprietary in-house databases long before SaaS became a thing. And the number one determining factor of success was this:

    What will you actually USE?

    In several of the companies I worked for, changeover to a new CRM was resisted by the employees. The old (usually DOS-based, ugly text) system would still be in place, either running in parallel or the nice new Windows app was running on top of it, and the workers would stick with what they knew.

    If you won't use the thing, it doesn't matter how great it is, does it.

    There is, of course, an addition to that. Something you only find out if you actually pick a program and use it.

    You have to figure out how YOU want to use the thing.

    In our latest business, we spent six months using asana as a task manager. At the end of that period, we threw out everything we'd done so far, and redesigned our processes completely. Did we change tools? Nope. But we certainly changed HOW we used that tool (moved to a kanban style, for those who are interested.)

    A SaaS literally called Teamwork is where we're headed now, after over a year running this business. It makes gantt charts automatically and does some other cool things asana does not.

    I have found Trello, Basecamp, and similar tools to be underwhelming.

    For communication we use Slack...but you have to be careful with Slack. Proper use (there I go again: despite the tool being provided to you, you still have to learn how to use it yourself) requires discipline OR ELSE. And the Or Else is huge potential for distraction when you get over 3 people in a channel. Suddenly the other members will start talking about topics that you have nothing to do with and zero interest in, yet your notifications are going off like crazy and that little red dot is up on your task bar.


    Solution: mute the channels that aren't critical...but you have to have the discipline to look at them at least once a day to make sure you don't miss something important.

    For CRMs, having personally used everything under the sun from ACT! to Microsoft CRM over the past two decades, we've settled on ActiveCampaign's upgraded features because they're nicely integrated with the autoresponder. CRM is just as good as Pipedrive's, which is what we used for the first eight months or so.

    But none of my recommendations really matter. The key is What will YOU USE? And you have to figure out how to use it your way.
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    Although project manager and team members prefer their own project management tool
    but still you look for any of the cloud-based technology then you must check out the ViduPM project management tool, which i too use for my project handling.
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    I used to only work with jira at my previous job. Now at the new place we use Z-Stream, and I'm still impressed by the clever customization, versatility and overall simplicity of the platform, especially having my past experience in mind. Exactly the functionality I need without unnecessary complexity. Z-Stream is an all-in-one tool that keeps everything in place. It streamlines data gathering, management, and assessment for all my projects.
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    Give Cloze and Nimble at try. Both have 30 day free trials. Nimble has this neat browser extension where you can automatically scoop up the details of all your Facebook friends and potentials...
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