Can you sell one domain on Sedo and on Flippa at the 'same time'?

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Can you sell -YourDomains,

on a flippa auction, AND on a sedo auction at the same time?

eg can you sell them both on the 1st of June, on both sites, together ?

Have you done this for your domains?? did you find one site gets more bids than the other?
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    You can list domain or website on as many marketplaces as you want but you have to make sure you are following guidelines. You can also set one fixed BIN price if you are deciding to list on multiple marketplaces. In this way, if your domain gets sold in one marketplace, instantly you can cancel the auction in another marketplace. Why don't you just stick with one and see how it goes? Thanks :-)
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      Are you suggesting it is good to stick to only one place .How is it more beneficial.
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    make sure people actually want whatever your scheme is, and make sure its legal

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    yes you can, just monitor them carefully. Last thing you want is bids or a sale to happen on both at the same time and go through all the loops with sedo or flippa.
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    I don't see any reason you cannot. Just need to make sure only one go through at the end.
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  • Be careful about getting a sale at the same time in both markets, you can have problems and make your account at risk. Last thing you will want is a bad feedback, especially ob flippa.
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