In need of immediate help with my internet marketing ! I'm dying

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I know we have some outright gurus here! I've read a lot, watched tons, and invested too much money. Still I'm broke and struggling attempting to make both dropshipping and affiliate marketing work. I've spent countless hours running ads to my Shopify store and I've built countless funnels attempting to get my affiliate products to sell. I'm sure you successful people have been here and know how hard it can be on a persons mind. If someone can help get me through this learning curve I'd be so thankful
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    Hi chrisfrye

    Your best bet would be to offer a service for which you will see money coming in over the short term.

    This will then take the pressure off you to earn money with the affiliate and drop shipping side of your business.

    As that side of your business becomes more successful you could ease off from providing the service and concentrate on the passive income which the former should provide.

    As to what service to offer, have a think about your skill set, website design, graphics, writing etc. Take a look at to give you some ideas and go from there.

    All the best

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      Originally Posted by riviera View Post

      Hi chrisfrye

      As to what service to offer, have a think about your skill set, website design, graphics, writing etc. Take a look at to give you some ideas and go from there.
      If you have a good voice/accent then Voice-overs and video spokesperson can be a really lucrative business also. Lots of demand for it, and no upfront investment (except a $15 good usb mic i guess). You get paid for putting your time only.

      Coming Soon...

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    Hey well done for taking action.

    It's impossible to diagnose the problem without looking at the analytics, the offer and the advert.

    But, possibly based on what you've said it sounds like it could either be a problem with your traffic, a problem with your offer, or a problem with your advert.

    So, how targeted is your traffic?

    Are you testing different offers / sales copy?

    Are you testing different ad copy?

    It might even be a problem with how you're stacking things together.

    Are you warming them up first, or are you expecting them to buy from you the first time they visit you?

    Then are you retargeting them?

    And are you following up after cart abandonment?

    Lots of questions, hopefully they might help you to solve the problem yourself.
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    I posted an accurate answer
    I was then notified that dkk06 had commented
    When I checked back to read the comment, both my post and the comment had been deleted from the thread

    Perhaps it was because I gave reference links
    None of them were affiliate links
    There is no way I could have personally profited from the time I invested to answer this members problem

    An answer cannot be comprehensive without reference links
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      Originally Posted by mikeoffer View Post

      I posted an accurate answer
      I was then notified that dkk06 had commented
      When I checked back to read the comment, both my post and the comment had been deleted from the thread

      Perhaps it was because I gave reference links
      None of them were affiliate links
      There is no way I could have personally profited from the time I invested to answer this members problem

      An answer cannot be comprehensive without reference links
      It's likely because you gave reference links. It's happened to me as well many times. So many times, in fact, that I simply don't post or respond when a link is needed to help answer the question.

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    I found a free valuable resource that is helping me rethink my approach to building my online virtual travel agency.

    This is a share not a plug for's free resource:

    Go to and download their free pdf "10 Lessons-- From Debt to 7 Figures Without Selling my Soul"

    Should address a lot of what you are going through.

    Even if you have what you think are quality products/services you probably are missing the actual REAL first step to all of this: the WHY you are doing this specific business path.


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      Thank you all for responding. Means the world to me. I'm for sure st the make it or break it phase and I can see my white hairs growing. I've tried doing multiple multiple different ad sets on Facebook and I've even tried posting banner ads. I've had numerous people verify the site looks and is managed well. I've changed the whole site up three times just to see if that could change things. I've bought into a few live classes . Nothing
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        Is there unsatisfied demand for your products
        Go through your products one by one and research the market
        Only keep products that people want but are having trouble getting
        Select the most in-demand product and create a unique offer

        Who is the target market for that product?
        How can you reach them at low cost?
        If you don't get any clicks either you are not reaching them or your ad sucks

        If you are getting clicks but no conversions
        either the product is not in demand or your offer is no good

        When you are getting clicks and conversions THEN you start A/B split testing
        Every ad campaign starts unprofitable
        First you make it work
        Then you make it profitable with A/B split testing

        WHEN it's profitable
        Then you scale up
        If the profits hold, then you roll it out
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        Chrisfrye, I feel for you man, this IM world can be real tough when you are trying to get ahead in the game.
        What you probably could do with is getting some "Bread and butter" money coming in that helps with your IM monthly bills that may take away some of the pressure you are feeling. Someone above suggested looking at fiverr for ideas and that jogged my memory, there is a launch today of an arbitrage product (software) it's by a Internet marketer called Tom E, I think its from 9am eastern, will just see if I can find the name then you could google it, in fact I think it may be on warrior+
        Its called Arbitrage Underdog. I had the original version about 4 or 5 years ago and it was very good, but has now been revamped, I think there is over 10000 people bought the versions, I think this might buy you some welcome space and get you some money coming in. I am NOT endorsing the product apart from the fact I used it myself a few years back. Good luck and I hope IM works out for you in the end.
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    It's called 'shopify' because it's a shop
    How do people shop?
    How do you shop?
    You say 'I wanna buy that. Let me see if it's cheaper elsewhere'
    If they can find your products on amazon or ebay that's where they're going to buy it
    If they can put your product in a google natural search and it is offered at the same price on a site they trust more than yours, that's where they're going to buy it

    How do shops beat their competition?
    They have special offers and combination deals that their rivals don't

    So either sell in-demand products that aren't available elsewhere
    or create offers that aren't available elsewhere
    That's what marketing IS
    Internet Marketing is nothing more than 'how to sell stuff' online
    and 'how to sell stuff online' is not dissimilar from 'how to sell stuff' OFFline

    With regard to your affiliate product funnels
    every internet marketing guru says exactly the same thing
    Create a great free offer that nobody else is offering
    and give it away in exchange for opt in
    and build a list
    Then build a relationship with the list
    and send them special offers and combination deals not available elsewhere

    You can probably see a theme emerging
    Marketing is all about creating special offers and combination deals
    And Internet Marketing is Marketing
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    Seems to me any sort of business online (one's own from scratch) is all about suck it and see (try it and test it again and again) and it is the last man standing that is the success story. Very expensive investment - as a business always is. I have an IM; NM and two bricks and mortar businesses. All have been diy jobbies apart from the first two and i have used IM for all the businesses. But, I only see success stories from people who have tapped into a 'system'- someone else has formulated. Notice how there are far less failures in a McDonalds/Starbucks/Costa franchise than Giovanni's new blend of roasted smooth coffee. Even though Giovanni's new coffee is going to taste 100 times better than anything in Costa. Could this be your problem? If so no amount of 'advice' here is going to help (and some of it is really good) because we are touching the tips of the iceburg. Find the 'system' that is proven.
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    I've spent countless hours running ads to my Shopify store and I've built countless funnels attempting to get my affiliate products to sell
    Build one funnel and promote it until you get it in profit.

    It's been posted so many times because it works:

    #1 Lead magnet/freebie/loss leader.

    #2 Low priced entry level "qualifier" product.

    #3 Continue to promote to non-buyers.

    #4 Run buyers through an increasingly high priced series of products. As they buy, move them to the next level.

    #5 Continue to drive as much targeted traffic to the mouth of your funnel as possible.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Hi Chrisfrye,

    I'm sure you're not the only one going through this. True, it really feels frustrating for MOST of the time when you're trying to put things together. I've been there as well. Based on my experience I have the following advice for you:

    1. You may want to get your marketing off the ground but you may not yet have an email list. Hence, it's absolutely crucial to start building your email list. You can send targeted traffic to your sales page using solo ads and in the process you can start collecting email addresses for your list. But be cautious, there are some unscrupulous solo ad vendors out there.

    2. Watch out for your budget. Your budget may be low and hence the reason why you cannot get moving with paid traffic sources.

    3. Don't do the mistake I did at the beginning. I did not followup with subscribers on my email list because they did not buy from me when I advertised.

    4. Even if you have only 10 subscribers on your email list. Please followup with them by sending them further encouragements (not pitches) about the benefits of your product.

    5. That's only for the email list. there are other sources which will be too long to talk about here. But I know that the greatest setback is your advertising budget. Get this sorted out and you'll be on your way. It will not be easy because you may be indebted already. But it'll be worth your go at it.
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    Dying ... ??

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    I would say that it is impossible to focus on two very different things at the same time. Unless you are saying our affiliate marketing is all about your dropshipping business. If you are trying to do both there won't be enough time. Master one and then the other
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    Depending on what your niche is, you could try solo ads. Solo ads are only good for certain niches, but they are definitely worth it (assuming you get quality solo ads).
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    Please share a short list of the goods/services you have tried marketing w/o success so far.

    Sorry in advance if you already posted such a list and I missed it.


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    You don't want more money.

    I'm sorry about your struggle and believe me, I've been there more times than I would like to admit but it's not money you're after. Here's what you do.

    If you know about affiliate marketing and have been marketing online for quite some time now, then you understand the process.

    You need a convincing landing page - the landing page is NOT for just capturing a subscriber. A landing page should be dedicated to weed out those who are serious and not serious about seeing what's on the other side of that email they just submitted. People tend to treat email subscribers as a number instead of realizing that, these are humans that are on our list.

    You need a high converting product - it does not matter how great your ad is or how great your article is or any previous content that got them to the sales page, if your sales page can't convert them into a sale. Before they even see your sales page, either your landing page has to be convincing enough with enough details or you yourself have to be convincing enough to send them to your sales page already warmed up.

    You need certainty - if you don't have confidence and certainty in your knowledge then that confidence and certainty will be extremely hard to convey and inject into the mind of the prospect.

    You need money - as you already know, money is simply another tool to help get people to your content and to help you become a more knowledgeable person to deliver value to those people.

    In the world of affiliate marketing the people who make the most money are the people that people trust the most. What knowledge do you have? Make videos based on this knowledge. Don't die with this information tucked in the recesses of your mind.

    Every marketer seems to want to market the same way, which is fine but they have to expect the same results. The foundation of their results will be their knowledge and the seeds to grow their business will be how they disperse this knowledge. People are your currency, the value you give people are their currency and when they buy from you, they are spending the currency that you gave them. Give them a small amount of value, then they won't have enough to buy the product you're promoting (mental currency)

    I hope this helps.

    Warm Regards,

    "How To Get Clients Begging To Pay For Your Services... And Close More Deals FAST!" Get Clients Now

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    I've seen solid advice here offered you Chris. I know how maddening this journey may feel. Like you are going freaking mad! Failing, trying, getting angry. I have been there. Many times.

    Following my fun versus trying like hell to make money changed things for me. Like....I wasn't trying to make anything work. I was just having fun creating eBooks and courses and blog posts and videos for people, to solve their problems. I promoted top bloggers to befriend them, they promoted me, I expanded my reach and the income grew.

    It is a mindset/energy issue. Because the practical tips are all here, and are not too tough to follow....but when you are more dominated by fear versus love/fun, it's impossible to see and follow successful marketing advice. Feel the fear of loss - however tough - and you can clear those energies, to get in the right mental space for following proven tips.

    Keep yer head up....we are with ya and here to help.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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