iwriter vs textbroker vs upwork for high quality blog articles?

by Murkr
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Hello, it's time for me to start looking for content writers for various needs. (money site articles, web 2.0s, etc)

I want to get high-quality articles and pay around $20 per 700-1000 words.

There are so many websites that offer writing gigs. Has anyone dealt with these above and found one site a lot better than all the rest?

consider my needs, quality articles for around $20.

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    You want quality articles for 2 to 2.5 cents a word.

    You don't get best quality for those rates. Maybe you need "decent" but not "best" quality - only you know.

    There are many good writers who advertise in the "for hire" section of this forum. One I would recommend is


    I have not used his work as I do my own writing. However, I've read only good things from those who have utilized his services and he's been providing writing for quite some time. I have no idea whether his rates will fit with your expectations but won't hurt to ask.
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    I use this writer often:

    Standard rate of $1.95/100 words. | View Sample
    Web copies (e.g. About Me pages, Home pages, Service pages, etc) are not available at our standard rate.
    Maximum word count for standard articles is 1,200 words.
    Standard Content | DREMdesigns - Article Writing and Content Strategy Services
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    Originally Posted by Murkr View Post

    Has anyone dealt with these above and found one site a lot better than all the rest?


    I have used writing services before, but not for blog posts - I write my own posts. So may I suggest the following?

    Focus on finding one great writer that is active in, and understands the niche your are in. Don't worry so much about the web site platform (iWriter, Textbroker, Upwork, etc) where the writer advertises or accepts gigs.

    Upwork (and others sites like it) are just the "outlets" for some writers looking for work, and very often not the best writers. So don't focus on the websites where hungry writers congregate . . . but do focus on finding the one writer already in your niche that can speak the language, that understands the problems and desires of the audience, that won't have to do a ton of research just to learn about the niche basics. Find someone that has a foundation and experience in the niche already.

    Yes, what I'm suggesting takes a little more work than just flipping a coin at one of the freelancer sites . . . but you said you wanted a high quality writer, correct? Go looking for one that can give you several examples of his/her writing in the niche of your interest.

    The best to you,



    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Originally Posted by Murkr View Post

    consider my needs, quality articles for around $20.
    Actually, I think your needs are quality leads and/or an engaged audience. You apparently believe that filling your site with a bunch of fair to average articles is going to deliver that, but unless you're extraordinarily fortunate, this tactic will only leave your site drifting aimlessly among the countless thousands of other anonymous online entities.

    These days, simply filling up your webspace with freelance articles just doesn't cut it. You need a distinctive voice of your own. Something that will make you stand out from the crowd.

    That means coming up with your own content - or style - that resonates with your target market, or paying more for a talented writer or collaborator who really understands your audience and what you want to achieve.

    If you have to make do with fewer, but more relevant and effective pieces of content for the time being, it's still probably a better long term strategy.

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      Originally Posted by Frank Donovan View Post

      or paying more for a talented writer or collaborator who really understands your audience and what you want to achieve.
      Depending on what niche you are you can often find published journalists looking for work.

      More and more these days journalists are freelance so you can easily approach them. Just google articles in your niche and follow the writers bio or google their name + journalist/blogger or writer

      As Frank Donovan says you won't get the quantity buy you will get the quality.
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    This is just what I do and there is absolutely no science or anything behind it... just my preference.

    I use ineedarticles.com to find writers for what I call "filler content". This is essentially what I use for a new website to make it look full, get crawled by search engines and target long tail keywords.

    I pay for the extra $0.30 per 100 words for an 'experienced writer' (or whatever they're called) which seem to be better articles in my opinion. These are generally basic articles ranging from 700 to 1500 words that I use as a rough draft and edit before posting. It saves me time compared to writing from scratch.

    I look for about 50-100 of these articles to post 1-2 daily for a couple months. In the meantime, I hire a few writers and have them write more engaging content that I promote. I generally find these writers on Upwork and I find personal trainers and nutrition experts (I deal with fitness).

    At this point I'm looking for engaging, helpful content as opposed to targeting keywords.
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    Finding quality writers is easy. The problem is very few people are willing to PAY for them (I mean if you're looking for quality why would you go to iwriter and upwork?)
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    Be careful here. You can end up paying $100 for a piece, only to find it is no better than someone who would have produced it for half as much. I know a site that pays $100 a piece for about 1000 words and when you delve a little deeper, you find they've scraped content from other sites and pieced the article together.

    I think you're better of finding a niche you have a lot of expertise in and write it yourself. This way, you won't be tempted to regurgitate stuff because you already have the expertise. Having said that, any given topic has has so much scope that when you have many people writing about it there is bound to be overlap. Its like when there is a breaking news story, most of the networks report the same stuff. They can only report whats in front of them, they can't just make things up for the sake of originality.

    I can also understand the dilemma, there is only so much someone can write. If you want to run multiple sites to diversify income, its inevitable that you will need to make use of services of others.
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