Always Give Yourself Permission to Soar

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Well! Over the space of, hmmm... 19 days, I've created/updated/woohooized 11 various products in 3 different sales funnels.

My latest, the updated 2017 FB Live Authority Social Media informer has 277 sales at the time of this writing.

Now, the front end to this, as with all my cheatsheets, is only $3.77, making it a very inexpensive purchase. However, the fact I have a number of complementry upsells (and the fact I give away the majority of commissions to my affiliates)....

... well, that makes it rather profitable to promote.

Here's the thing, though.

Lots of people think you have to start with a higher price to be brag-worthy....

And yep, IF you do my model, you really *should* give away far more of the commissions than usual (because the FE is so low)....

And yep as well, it certainly is NOT the testosterone-pumped-ATM-machine-imitating 5 or 6 figure launch launch that lots of your typical IM marketers brag about...

But you know what it IS?

It's a way for newbie affiliate marketers to get self-confidence by seeing some easy sales and realizing that YES! It IS possible to profit online!

It's a way to satisfy ALL types of buyers - newbies, veterans, and everyone in between (as the upsells correspond to different desires/skill set levels) and thus increase affiliate profits

It's a way build up one's list for future marketing

So who *cares* if its not flashy....

It delivers!!

And here's a neat behind-the-scenes view at my family - I was telling Honorable Husband yesterday about all my split testing adventures and how I was doing something very rarely done but the data that was being generated... hah hah! I bounded outside the box and explored new galaxies!

His response?

"Have you noticed this century how I never try to stop you from any of your zany ideas anymore?"

So sweet. And he's right. It's BECAUSE I'm not afraid to fail gloriously that I come up with ideas soooo insane (all together now, How insane, Barb?) that....

They work breathtakingly grand.

Or fail with the force of a thousand tiny Death Star implosions. Your take.

Your takeaway?

==> Never be afraid to give in to *your own* personal greatness!

We all have that inside of us... but far too many times, we allow self-doubt to weaken our resolve and hold us back.

And that's truly an agonizing shame.

Because you DO have the seeds of magnificence within you....

And you know something?

Methinks it's time to let them *bloom*.

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    I like it Barb; going with small and big ticket products diversifies things.

    I sell products and services in the $300 to $400 range but also sell $3.99 eBooks and of course, generate affiliate income through those eBooks as well. Think abundantly. Sell across different platforms, sell different products and set different price points to connect with different audiences.

    Noting a little while back someone buying an eBook of mine on Amazon for $3.99, and before that someone buying my higher priced eBook on Selz for $15. Everybody has different needs and different budgets. Our job is to help, serve, have fun and prosper as we cater to folks with different budgets and different tastes.

    Good for you Kudos on those sales.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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