New to IM and this forum. Where to start?

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Hi! Well, as you see, I'm brand new. I have gotten a tiny bit of direction from something that ended up being a scam (imagine that) I am very eager to learn this business, but funds are very limited. Can someone please let me know where to start? Thank you!
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    There are plenty of cheap products in the WSO section of this Forum and you can learn a lot there. This is pretty much where I got started.
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    So there's tons of great products out there that you can promote for free. Check around WarriorPlus, Clickbank, JV Zoo and find something you think is good that people will like. Then you need to get a website up and going that you can send traffic to so that you can actually sell it
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    Dunno if it's still around but Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge (free) has helped people make their first start.
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    Well you must choose a way ,either its affiliate marketing cpa ,amazon etc .In general there are some good business model who will never die .The you must choose a method to work it like youtube trafic or forum marketing facebook etc .I think in this business you must have patience to succed but also you can invest some money in ppc but at first you will loose some money but if you master you will save a lot of time and work
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    I'd read post by post, line by line. Soak up advice offered by the veteran IMers.

    Just learn, study and gain exposure on the platform, and you will slowly build friendships and uncover helpful tips that resonate with you.

    No worries on the funds now; be a student, and pay a discounted tuition by finding products or services from Warriors that you know, like and trust.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Well you can start asking yourself like what niche you would like to enter.
    one thing important with choosing the niche is you should know that they are evergreen niches like money making online niche, heath niches etc.. because this niches are the necessary for everyone of us, that's why there is high competition with this niches.. so you can decide if you enter the competition or just select the other niches which has low competition but might not exist after a year or 2 years.

    P.S. please ignore grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.
    English is not my primary language.
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    Curious in what way the product you mentioned is a scam?

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      Originally Posted by Mark Singletary View Post

      Curious in what way the product you mentioned is a scam?

      Yeah, Can you please explaine how you are being scammed? What kind of products is it?

      Because some people says that they are scammed but actually they are not, they don't just take actions and blamed the product, and believed that there are systems that can get them rich instantly, there is no such thing.

      To become successful you must take massive action and the system is there just to guide you.
      you must take action and be consistent to it.
      whatever you business is as long as you are taking action and consistent with it, you will become successful.
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    #1: Decide what niche you want to go in. Make sure it's a niche others are making money in, and that there's a large enough audience. IT also helps to be familiar with the subject and it's one you like (although not absolutely necessary, but it's better)

    #2: Research and figure out what problems people are having in that niche, pick 1 problem only, then find a product in an affiliate marketplace such as Click Bank to solve that problem. Or, create one of your own. Perhaps you'll find the affiliate product first, research to make sure it's selling then...

    #3: Decide how you'll sell your solution. Through a blog, Youtube channel, facebook pages, etc. etc. Research here the many ways to do it. PICK ONE OR TWO. The best method, IMO, is to sell via your own sales page or the affiliate sales page, but before people get to that page, you should be giving them something valuable for free in exchange for their email address. After that, you send them to the sales page. This way, you build your list, and sell them other related products in the future.

    #4. Drive traffic to your freebie valuable thing using various methods Again various ways to do this. Research here.

    4. Develop a plan, preferably written down, to accomplish all of this, set goals, stay focused, don't give up when challenges happen, don't change methods if something isn't working, keep working that plan, keep working that plan, keep it up until you see results.
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