What is the best paid VPN solution?

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I recently bought the software with the elaborate name "hide my ass", which did not work at all for me. Well customer service was very good and tried to help me yet it didn't work.

So does anybody use a paid vpn, which has servers in different countries, is fast and preferably uses a software interface?


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    reliablehosting.com has one that I've used with no complaints at strongvpn.com
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      Hi thanks for the tip. The website looks very professional.

      As far as I know they do not use a software interface. Is it easy to setup and use?

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        I set up one VPN at my VPS server for myself, it works very well!
        the setup take less 5 minutes.
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        I am a very active member on a big tech forum and I always have to ask why people need a VPN. The VPN question has exploded massively lately ith paranoid people who have seen this buzzword VPN and they think it solves all their problems. Thats what Im going to start selling
        Vaoser Link Ninja Software
        DHV Delivery Systems FAILING at online dating???
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            by my opinion, hidemyass is realy the best one. it is easy to use and farely priced.

            vpn is very important for chinese people, because the goverment ban a lot of very good website.
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    If you google with the keyword there are alot of different companies vpn system most of the good one are paid it depends how much you want to spend.
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  • When you have dozens and dozens of sites with a huge amount of traffic, a dedicated server (or VPN) is a must. I would give the links I use for hosting and managing, but I'm going to switch based on a recommendation and link another Warrior posted yesterday.

    To quote Steven Miranda in the other thread:

    Dedicated Servers - Linux Dedicated Server - Windows Dedicated Server - Dedicated Server Hosting for dedicated servers. If you talk to sales rep you can probably get a better deal. That is what I did. They have online chat.

    For the management company I use:

    Platinum Server Management, Inc.

    $30/month for full server management. Quite a deal....
    Quite a deal, indeed.
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    Though i have used HMA but i haven't experience any problem in their services. They are good one in the industry. However, there are various hbest paid vpn providers that are doing good job by providing exclusive services. I tried IAPS. Its very good fast and awesome. But a bit expensive though..
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    i personally recomend waselpro.com Service. I always have a good experience with it VPN because some time VPN causes on wifi but this VPN support team is available 24/7 for customers assistance.
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    I use hide my ass pro vpn, it works very good for me, i think it's the best, i never had a problem with hide my ass, you can try strongvpn it's a good vpn too
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    I am also using HMA pro VPN for last 1 years. I had some minor issues within those days of my usage. I would give HMA 4.5 on 5 star as a paid VPN. You can have a try.
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    I am using unblock vpn, but last few days it isn't working fine, It disconnets after every 2 or 3 minutes. Is anyone else seeing the same problem?
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      Two thumbs up for Witopia VPN
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    PD-Proxy or Wi-Free.

    Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?

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    I totally hear what you are saying about "hide my ass" I also thought they were good, with all the hype that is out there, but if you do a little bit of research you will see the strong points why they are far from good. I forget al the main points but there were enough that I decided to stay clear from them.

    I decided to go with PrivateInternetAccess because of their top level of security, and it' so easy to use. I decided to get the annual plan and it works great. I highly recommend it.
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    I used to work at a major corporation in the IT department. 2 very strong VPN's we used were:

    - Cisco VPN

    - Netmotion VPN

    Both are very good.
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    IVPN and BTGuard are also very good options. HMA is okay, but they log everything.
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    I have the same problem with HMA, but I have to say HMA support is very good, I bought HMA VPN last Dec. in their Christmas promotion, for some reason(I don't know why) I can not connect to the VPN and the connection was unstable so I asked for a refund after the support. Now I tried Strong VPN, it is a little expensive but it worth their 7/24 service.

    Since I'm using SEO software like SB and GSA, very soon I received warning letter with Strong VPN that my account was suspended, they do not allow use VPN for this purpose, so I'm still looking for a VPN that could support SEO software like SB and GSA SER. If you know, please kindly let me know, thanks.
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    I use scrapebox's servers, I have a vps there that is 30 a month. The ip is from Canada and also lets me run all my programs on it 24/7. So now I can hide and work at the same time. I also do my photoshop there and a bunch more stuff and don't have to clutter my computers up.
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    I suggest using https://www.anonine.com they have been good to me other the years.
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    I have my own VPN company. Do you want a VPN for yourself or to RESELL??

    If so we are the only company with a decent API to provision accounts automatically. You dont want to have to spend all your time doing it manually. Hit me up. =)

    UK TV abroad for free: http://WatchBritishTV.com

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    I personally recommend https://zenvpn.net. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now. I also tried HMA and Cyberghost for free but I ended up using the paid Zenvpn. There's a trial version too if you want to try it first.
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      At one time I used HMA until I performed a quick check during a scrapebox session only to find that my IP address wasn't hidden even though the software said it was. I got rid of HMA and went on to some of the other ones. I now use PIA but I occasionally run into similar problems with Windows 8.1. I recommend constantly checking to see if it is really hiding your IP. I now check with a Tejji app in my Chrome browser.

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      Celebrity Portrait Photgapher - My Photography Portfolio.

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      Originally Posted by sportsgnome View Post

      I personally recommend https://zenvpn.net. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now. I also tried HMA and Cyberghost for free but I ended up using the paid Zenvpn. There's a trial version too if you want to try it first.
      Looking into this ZenVPN, how was the speed connection? Did you encounter any problem with them?

      There is a lot of different VPN's on the market. Speed, Unique IP (wont tag as a SPAM IP) and Customer Service is what I am after. Cant decide yet to whom should I get my VPN service.
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  • i use hostmonster
    soon people... Relax...
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    i am using the cyberghost premium plus i think this is best vpn i can not face any problem


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    I recommend private internet access . Com for vpn services. I highly suggest using a vpn if you are using a public wifi connection and logging into any secure site like a bank, credit card or other billing site etc.
    pia gets high reviews from most reviewers including PC magazine.
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