What are the key elements of building and growing of a successful internet business?

by mar29
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What is the special receipe of building an internet business?
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      Not a bad strategy at all for helping folks and expanding your reach. I dig it.
      Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
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    Originally Posted by mar29 View Post

    What is the special receipe of building an internet business?
    Good question.

    It's unearthing the issue that the majority of people don't think to consider.

    Careful consideration of what business model will work best for you and make the greatest returns.

    Here is a recent post about exactly that:


    Good luck with your ventures
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    Learn many things about internet marketing first.Then setup your skill set in which way you wanna do.
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    Mar, I'd say:
    • enjoying what you do aka having fun
    • service
    • making friends with successful folks in your niche, to learn from them

    In addition, your friends will expand your presence too, helping you succeed.

    Gotta love what you do. Because if you build a business for the joy of it you will see the money and traffic and customers and clients as extra, so you devote most energy to helping/service, which helps you build a thriving online business.

    As with all my WF posts, what I share has been my experience. You get freely (run a thriving online business) by giving freely.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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    just love whatever you do, so that in times of difficulties with your business you will not think of quitting because you loved what you are doing, and the most important one is think of helping people not thinking of helping just yourself. when you are creating any business thins about of how you can help people with your product..

    P.S ignore grammar mistakes
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    It's SIMPLE.


    The fundamental of your Business.

    Identify a niche, a problem, which is demanded by the user, provide a solution and MAKE AN EMAIL LIST of potential customers interested in your solutions.

    Sell to them that solution.
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      Originally Posted by Connann View Post

      It's SIMPLE.

      It's an asset, but far from your only one. An asset is anything that has realizable value. In an online business, that could include your website(s) and any products to which you own the rights.

      In fact those two examples are often more durable than an email list which can quickly lose its value if not properly maintained.
      I've just put Richard Branson's number on speed-dial. I call it my "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme.

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    There's a range of elements that you can use ranging from SEO to purchased traffic.

    One aspect that is often overlooked is partnerships with other eCommerce sites. Imagine an online computer hardware store working in alliance with an online computer software store. It's easy to see how they can both be of benefit to each other. If done correctly, of course.
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    Update yourself by following IOT (Internet Of Things) blogs and relevant websites.!
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    I 2nd the "building a list" skill. This is THE more important thing you can do, in whatever niche you want to go in.

    Think about all the businesses out there. When you purchase something from one of them 9 times out of 10 you're now on their list, so they can market to you and sell to you over and over again.

    It's a core value in any business, and on the internet, it's much easier than if you have a brick and mortar business.

    The #2 thing is, treating it like a business and not a hobby! It is like starting any other business. It takes time, effort, and some would argue, some money. It is a lot easier than others and you can see results much quicker, but the fact is, internet marketing requires the same things that starting any other business requires.
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  • Want a successful internet business?
    Be sure to deliver the services/products on time and honestly.
    Rest assured the customer would definitely give more than just a positive review. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is what matters.

    In technical terms,
    you must verify your google business listing and other business listing service providers.
    Secondly, your social networking should be strong and effective....posting regular updates relevant to your products/services on appropriate networks is the norm. You must implement facebook instant articles and Google AMP on your website.
    Social Ads is a must to reach potential customers. Invest in Social Media Marketing.
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      I would say its "FORM" and "FUNCTIONS".

      Put yourself in the customer's shoes and consider what you'd like her to feel on initial contact with whatever it is you're selling; may be an ebook, a physical device or a service. These are all examples of form. Function includes features, operation, performance and execution.

      Your focus should be building a brand around your niche, and becoming an authority. Hope, it helps.
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    Research the business niche first check for the revenue generation margin, get an estimate for the business setup cost then look for the effective marketing strategy that really works.
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    I think that you must find a niche you like this its very important the start creating your platforms and deliver value .Create a yt chanel ,fb fanpage a site ,a forum in your niche etc .Then you start working on each little by little and put valuable content and build an email list .From some time make some promotion with products from your niche or cpa its your choice .After some time when you will have a big list you have your business set up
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    Patience, readiness for unexpected turns, interesting ideas...
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    Originally Posted by mar29 View Post

    What is the special receipe of building an internet business?
    The real key is removing a word from your question and slightly modifying it.

    "What is the special recipe for building a business?"

    The really keys lay outside of whether it is online or offline.

    What you really need to do is build a business.

    The basic concept behind any business is THIS.

    "SELL something for more than it COSTS."

    Learn the fundamentals of business. Planning, understanding financial statements and how to leverage financials (Boring - but that is the business part)

    As for any business the first thing is does your offer match the market?

    A good offer that meets a market desire is the first thing to get right.

    After you've worked out what someone wants and you can prove that they want it you are ahead of 98% of the people that think they know how to make money online.

    The next thing to look at is "Is my THING going to sell itself?"

    Once you are confident you have something people want then you can build things out further.

    Best regards,

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