Craigslist posting get instantly deleted status

by chrisj 10 replies
Upon posting to 'gigs' (via my phone), every craigslist posting lately gets an instant 'deleted' status.
Is my account over with? Is there anything to do other than open up another account?
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    Unfortunately craiglist was spamed like hell these years and thats way you face this problem .Its good to rethink your strategy : your ads ,what you promote etc
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    Originally Posted by chrisj View Post

    Upon posting to 'gigs' (via my phone), every craigslist posting lately gets an instant 'deleted' status.
    Is my account over with? Is there anything to do other than open up another account?
    Maybe your account has been blacklisted? How many did you post? Can any of them trigger any spam filters?
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      I tested with abasic gig like "Painter wanted, etc", and still got deleted
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    A lot of factors out there impact to that. Same problem my friend.

    I posted to Fb groups and facing same problem everyday.
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  • The ad filters for the Gigs section underwent a series of updates tightening them up. All the cities in the Jobs section were changed to become paid ads requiring Craigslist posting fees as of Dec 1, 2016. They are well aware of the mass migration of Jobs posters to the Gigs section to avoid paying those fees. So, this is Craigslist's attempt to prevent people from posting Jobs type ads under the Gigs section.

    Now, what that means to you is that it's very possible you are using any of the new trigger words/phrases in your ads that cause ad flagging. So, you should run split tests to isolate the potential trigger words/phrases being used in your ads.
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    Craigslist can be hit or miss. Even if you follow all the rules, your posts can still get flagged, deleted, etc. It may be better to focus your efforts on other sites, etc.
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    No idea if you're promoting a real service or affiliate products.. keep it simple use a combo of text and images.. put all your keywords or whatever in the JPG image and upload to cl images and use very little info in the text area that might trigger.

    Use the free paint on all pc's to create text.. add a pic and save as .jpg and upload. example included below

    Also use VIDEO.. link out to a video w info.. video works and is trusted.


    P.S. "Guaranteed" in jpg is misspelled LOL
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    • CL has used very sophisticated image OCR technology for at least 3 years. So, they can easily parse image content to decipher any keywords, email addresses, links or phones "hidden" in the images. You used to be able to conceal such info in images but not anymore.

      Also, CL has a very strong anti-link policy as it leads to traffic leakage off their site. Images are tolerated more in sections like Services > Skilled Trade. But, if you are seeking a scale-able campaign strategy, images are not recommended under the Jobs or Gigs sections.
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    Originally Posted by chrisj View Post

    Upon posting to 'gigs' (via my phone), every craigslist posting lately gets an instant 'deleted' status.
    Is my account over with? Is there anything to do other than open up another account?

    They're going after your IP.

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    I never understood why people complain when they are spamming and then all of a sudden they lose their account. Whether it be Craigslist, Facebook, Backpage, etc.

    They submit tons of spam ads to CL, use software to do mass Facebook group spamming, forum spamming, blog comment spam, etc.

    The blog comment spamming is the most comical and ridiculous IMO. First of all the comments never make any sense. Most of the time the links they post don't work or go to "404" pages. None of the comments ever get posted. I have a blog that I started in 2013 and since then Akismet has stopped 63,000+ spam comments. It's UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!

    Personally, I've had huge success with blog comments. HOWEVER, I actually comment on articles that interest me, and I read the entire article and then leave a comment, but only if I feel like commenting. I don't comment just to comment and drop a link. When done right, it can be a great little source of traffic, but only if done right and your comments get approved. Is it really that much work to read an article that interests you and then take the time to post a comment that relates to the article and contributes to it? My opinion of spammers is that they are simply lazy, and people who are lazy RARELY ever succeed with an online business.

    Anyway, I find it hilarious when spammers get upset because they lose the account they were using to spam with. It's almost as if they feel they should be allowed to post BS and the site should just overlook it. Spamming ruins the user experience, period. If you can even manage to get any results from it, they are always short lived and usually just a fluke or luck.

    Why not just do it right from the beginning? Spamming is stupid. Get over it.
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