I've written a blog post about my niche, now what?

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What are the next steps one should take after writing a blog post besides posting it to social media and various social communities such as facebook/google/linkedin groups?

How do you get to post it onto other websites with high domain authority within your niche/industry?
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    2x, you should:

    * guest post on top blogs from your niche
    * comment on top blogs from your niche
    * promote top bloggers from your niche by featuring them on your blog, by tweeting their posts and by interviewing them
    * help bloggers through your blog comments, through email and through Q and A sites, and through WF
    * write 1000 words daily, just for practice....this helps you write in your own voice, which helps you land on high DA, respected blogs

    A few ideas for you.

    1 dominant idea though: if you want to *get* opportunities to be on high ranking sites, ya gotta *give* of your time, talents, help and service. give, give, give, and getting becomes easier and easier.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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    go to quoradotcom answer some questions. help the other, build backlinks for your blog
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    Originally Posted by 2xmamba View Post

    What are the next steps one should take after writing a blog post besides posting it to social media and various social communities such as facebook/google/linkedin groups?
    How about you write some more blog posts


    Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. ~Andy Warhol~

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      Definitely doing that. Just need to know the proper ways of "pushing" the content out to other mediums. Thanks for your advice.
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    This IM world its not easy you should continue to work consistently on a daily basis .Work work work and learn and succes will come .And dont forget never give up
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  • You could also do some multipurposing.

    For example, you could take your written post, record a podcast/MP3 for those that like that and you can put it on audio sharing sites.

    If the post was long enough and in-depth enough, you could then create a PowerPoint video with an outline of your post and you presenting it. If you synced it up you could even use the MP3 from the step above. Then you could share it on video sites.

    If you had a series of blog posts that taught a particular subject, you could combine them and sell it for cheap or give it for free on Amazon or other ebook sales sites. I think Ryan does that (poster above). You could even turn the series into a hardcopy book.

    You could also add more details, references, ideas, strategies, etc. to each blog post and have a premium version that you sell on your site. It could turn into a full-blown membership site over time.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. Do you just share it on youtube, vimeo? What are some video sharing sites that you can recommend to post video to besides those two?
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    Its not enough to write a blog post and wait for traffic. start writing on other blogs more than you write on your own.

    Social Media is fantastic once you have a number of fans and followers to engage with and show them your content. not 1 aritlce, not 2 articles and Not 3. You need to Keep Building and Writing Consistently. Business is a Long term strategy to See Results

    Good Luck

    Its To Your sucess in Internet Marketing When You Provide Tons of Value

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      Do you have a list of social media bookmarking websites that I can refer to?
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    Slap an opt-in form + lead magnet on it.

    Drive traffic with Facebook ads.

    Sell the email list something.
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    • After Blog Post...
    • Check on page SEO
    • Check internal links to make sure there is page flow
    • Give the reader a reason to continue reading on your blog
    • Write another blog post that is relevant to the last and link the page
    • Repeat process...
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    After having your articles on the blog, you should promote it such as posting on more social networks beside popular ones. You can also do guest blog, forum posting, articles submission on another site to get backlinks to your site.

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    Write more blog posts. After you publish them, then head over to Quora and answer questions related to you niche.
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    hey there

    To find other high authority..... do the following

    go to google.com

    and search for "your niche" blog

    where your niche is the name of your blog

    from the list given contact all of them and post to the ones that are most favourable to your niche

    talk soon
    sam f
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