What's the best option for the "user agreement"?

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I've seen a lot of different IMer's placing their users agreements in different places.

- some don't have any link to it or place it at all by or where anyone is to click a checkout botton.

- some might have it tucked away at the bottom of a page.

- some will have to promonently placed by where the customer goes to checkout

Some have the checkbox already checked, others don't.

From what I can tell some of the sites that are doing well, they don't have it anywhere on their packages or checkout process. At best maybe they have one tucked away somewhere. Do people even read it? And if they do and if you have to have a lot of disclaimers in your agreement is it best to have it placed in a less likely place that people will read it?? My concern is that those reading it might get turned off and not bother ordering???

Like some of the top sellers on Clickbank don't even have it anywhere to be found??? Does that show how it's best to set that up?
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    There are typically 4 requirements you may face when deciding where or how to place legal agreements.

    1. What the FTC or similar governmental organization says. For example, most of the time they will say that disclaimers or things like that have to be prominent and then tell you what that means in real life.

    2. What a payment processor requires. Many of them have requirements that have to be followed in order to be approved.

    3. What a vendor requires. This would be where you are an affiliate. Many have requirements of various notices that must be placed.

    4. Your own legal team or legal advice. Besides all the above, no matter what any payment processor or 3rd party requires you have to do what will protect you. Believe it or not, people get sued or in trouble for selling things online. Your risk may be different than a big company but there is still a risk there.

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