Making money from domain name typos?

by hurluna 4 replies
Has anyone ever done this? I'm thinking about ways to make money off it and it seems just if you get the right domain or think of the right idea you could make tons of money because you'll have all of the traffic overflow from huge websites.

also, does anyone know how to 'generate' domains to look for? the best one i've found is but I don't know if there is anything better.
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    I've looked into it several years ago and found that many large companies actually buy the typo domains so they are hard to find. Plus, people aren't stupid so when they see they are not at the site they thought, they will press the back button, click away, etc.
    This isn't a good model for making real money online. You're about 15 years too late on this one.
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    Apart from being a pretty unethical way to try to make money, this idea has been done a long time ago and it's time has long passed.

    Instead of trying to find make money fast ideas or quick shortcuts you could try delivering real value and work toward building a product, brand or idea of your own.
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    I made a little bit of money a LONG time ago using this. I bought a few and just redirected the traffic to the real site through an affiliate link so they actually ended up on the correct site.

    Like the replies above, it was mostly just a short lived gimmick that didn't provide any long term reliable income. Affiliate Managers have better tools now to see where the traffic is coming from and you will probably get banned for using it. It is just one step above cookie stuffing.
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    This was one of the 'make money' ideas from the early 2000 era. Reason was simple - people were trying to use domains others could REMEMBER. If you found domains with COMMON misspellings you could get some traffic...maybe. From what I saw it was mostly people telling others "you can do this" in info they sold to newbies. Just sayin...

    That was before google had the ability to find a domain based on a wider search parameter. Now you can misspell a brand in the search box and almost all the time, google will find the site for you.

    But - also - most brand names are trademarked so any attempt to use a brand with a simple misspelling may result in a legal letter. For example, if you use Amazonsales as a domain you expect to hear from Amazon saying 'can't do that' different if you use Amazzonsales.

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