The Power Of Blog(s) - Got a free trip to China with VIP Treatment!

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I started a blog about Indian bikes one year back. It was a hobby just like anyone else. But it grew quite fast. I am having 4000+ unique visitors per day and 3000+ RSS subscribers. But the revenue never reached very high. It covered the cost of hosting and provided me with some pocket money every month.

But I never lost hope. I added articles and images with passion and grew the community. I love bikes and I love to share information about it.

Two weeks back a rep from a Chinese govt organization sent me an email that they are inviting me to CimaMotor 2009 - a Chinese motorcycle exhibition with 100% sponsorship. It turned out to be very true and I am just back from China. The stay was at a 5 start hotel and I got a VIP treatment. I have to publish some 5-6 articles according to the agreement and that's it.

There were nine journalists in all including me and there was one from, one from and others were editors/photographers of print magazines.

Just wanted to share this to say that how powerful blogs can become. If you have a blog which has got good reception, don't let the numbers discourage you. Money is not the only currency with which you will be rewarded. Blogs provide:

  • A community of people who want to hear from you (very important need for every human)
  • Networking power
  • Opportunity to visit places and events
  • High social status
  • A channel to pursue your passion
And perhaps much more which you cannot think of now.

Good Luck !

P.S. The URL of my blog is Indian Motorcycle Reviews & Bike News - by Deepak Raj
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    That's the sort of story we all like to hear, well done you, wish you every success with your blog.

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    What a great story. This is why I love blogs and blogging though, they are not just a means to a steady income, but they are great marketing/branding/pr tools that you can put to good use.

    There are so many examples of bloggers who were writing not for money, but for fun or fame who then became wildly successful from their site or yotube videos.

    Some names that come to mind:
    Perez Hilton
    Chris Crocker (Hate this guy)
    Mitchell Davies

    The list goes on. The above list are mostly Youtubers. They are all pretty young and have found themselves attending the most amazing events as a result of the content they are putting out. Some of them are World famous, make tv appearances and have professional talent agents looking out for them.

    Which makes me think, that for any enterprising warrior or business person, this could be a good business model. Representing youtube/blogging/internet talent. Taking a 10-20% cut of all their media deals etc. It is certainly idea, and one that some people are paying attention to.

    Gary Vaynercheck. I think I am right in saying that it was his wine vlogs that got him to where he is today.

    Blogs are powerful tools and certainly my most favorite by-product of the Internet. The influence they command can be substantial, and it seems companies and World governments are waking up to that fact.


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    Lots of folks are scared of blogs because they believe blogs are too much work but if you know how, quality content can be easily produced, blogged about and used to generate tons of targeted visitors.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Like a shot of adrenaline, your post motivated me to keep working on one of my blogs. Probably the only one I'm truly passionate about.

    Great story and good luck with future free trips ^^.

    Australian article writer. 5c per word, 50% off for first 5 people. 1c off price per word if done through UpWork.
    Contact me on here to get started.
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      Originally Posted by AidanKay View Post

      Like a shot of adrenaline, your post motivated me to keep working on one of my blogs. Probably the only one I'm truly passionate about.

      Great story and good luck with future free trips ^^.

      Thank you! BTW, show me you blog.
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