Make Money Online with Solo ads?

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Hello there!

Could any of you won at the first battle and then scale it up?

Prospects they bought your products right after they opt-in your panding page...

I mean You bought Solo Ads, then after the process of delivery clicks completed is also the time you saw that your ROI is 100% or even 1000% then you just keep doing it again and again?

I could got from 40 to 60% but conversion only (and only won one time i won at the first battle)

Thank you!
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    Don't worry about the first battle, focus on winning the war...

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    Ok ok. Just really wana scale it now!
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    With Solo ads you have to develop a system. And it comes down to your Capture Page and whether it can convert and having a OTO offer that can offset the cost of the solo. Get some CPA product that will defer the whole cost of the Solo. Then you are getting FREE leads. That's a key point.

    Do not worry about trying to profit from the solo ad up front. Just try to get those leads as free as possible then scale up. Of course the Sellers and finding good ones is extremely important.

    There are some garbage ones out there so be cautious.
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    I got some good advice from site a while back. I purchase one solo ad for 42.00 to get 100 guaranteed clicks to my capture page. the one solo ad campaign returned 62 leads and 2 signups. I actually got a few more clik thrus than I paid for. cant argue with that.

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    As already stated you need to be careful with solo ad providers as quality varies.
    Beware fake clicks and non tier 1 countries such as China.

    These two sites regulate the quality and give feedback on solo ad sellers:
    2. Reed Floren's solo ad directory.

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      Yeah. I'm using Udimi.

      But seem like no matter which provider i used, none of them could help me a winner battle at the front end
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    Its best not to worry about doing more than breaking even on the Front End. Then have a system of follow up emails that can make you money long term. Giving value and suggesting tools or whatever that are super helpful. If you break even on the front end the rest is pure profits

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