Hello, I Want to Ask About Domain? Any Suggestion?

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Hello, actually, I think it's a silly question but I want to know about domain flipping. I'm going to buy a new domain, it's nice & short, and it's still available. I'm quite sure that I can sell it for $2000 at least the domain name in the similar niche which is also quite new is getting bids for $21000 currently. I searched the keywords and I agree the searches of that domain are higher than mine but not so high and it's also a two word domain like I found - nice and short - and a buyer keyword as well.

So, I've a few questions.

1 - If I buy domain name right now, can I resell it in 24 hours? I know there is 60-day rule, but if I register my domain name on NameCheap, and instead of selling it in the NameCheap marketplace, can I sell it in Flippa - within 24 hours after registering the domains?

2 - If it's possible, what exactly should I tell the buyer in the description - that he has to register account in NameCheap too so that I can change account ids or information? As, he can't transfer it to the new registrar before 60 days time period.

3 - What are the best places to sell domains?

I know I can find at least 5-10 good domain names - manually - as I've spent a lot of time in internet marketing and I've sold two domains successfully too to my friends, but they were 2 year old domains and I got good price for them - around $800 and $900, but I'm planning to try this first time on a different (online) platform, and I was reading all the reviews, terms & conditions. So, I'm a little confused and need your help.
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    I know there is 60-day rule
    Then why are you asking if you can sell in 24 hrs?

    If you are sure you can sell this domain for $2000 - why haven't you registered it yet? If you know you can find 5-10 good domains - why haven't you found and registered them?

    Your post is difficult to answer because you are saying "I know what I'm doing" but from what you post - clearly, there's a lot you don't know. You can learn, though, and perhaps save yourself some time and earn some money.

    I suggest you look up and read posts by this person:

    Warrior Forum - The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace - View Profile: Gene Pimentel

    If you look at "contact" in his profile you'll find a link to his masterdomaining website.

    Gene is a true expert on domain flipping - and he has posted some excellent threads on this forum - free advice in the war room - and has some WSOs, too.

    Go to the link above - click on "statistics" and "threads" - and start reading. You can get a good education in domaining just from reading Gene's threads here.
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