by Barry
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Sometime back, I saw a piece of software that would allow you
to personalize your website with a visitors name.

For example, when someone typed in the
the page would open up say something like ...
"Jim, thanks for visiting!"

Does anyone know where I can get this?


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    Hey Barry,

    This is actually a fairly simple script that depending on your site can be set up in a few minutes.

    What language is your site written in?
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      Hi Barry and 723Media
      This sounds like a really handy script. Can I have the code too please? My sites are written in Australian English
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  • Profile picture of the author Sean Ski (not affiliated) - just look for stuff like that, Google: "personalized sales letter" - I'm sure there are cheaper or free versions out there.
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    Thanks for the info Sean Ski ~ I'll chase it up. :-)

    Hey Redfox ~ LOL...You're right, it does sound like double dutch but on the upside I could have confused everyone even more if I had said "my websites are in australian english for us..." ROFLMHO...Argh, the nonsense of the english language~don't ya love it?
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    By language, I actually meant programming language Minbani

    Like TrafficBug is saying, it is very easy to do. I wanted to get the programming language to give a code example.

    Traffic-Bug has an example there for you but you can do it even easier than setting up a Mod rewrite.

    If your page is written in a dynamic language like PHP, ASP, .NET, etc. You can simple spit out the /jim value with a little parsing.

    Even if your page is straight html, you can parse the URL with javascript and spit out the /jim value.
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      OOPs! Sorry Guys.....:-(

      I totally misunderstood. I hear the word language and I think only words.

      Thanks Trafffic-Bug and 723Media for the info but as you already know, I don't know any programming language at all. That's why Intellimon invented XSP for people just like me....but I will find a way.

      My apologies to all,

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    No worries Jan. Sometimes us tech geeks forget that we are using our jargon and that it might not translate.
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