Does article marketing (really, still) work?

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This may seem to you as a retarded question.

I have always been skeptical about article marketing. Never actually tried it. Yes, you got it right - never tried article marketing.

Does it actually work? If it does, how many articles should I submit before starting to see some results?

By the way, the website that I am trying to promote is 240 (didn't want to put the URL - I don't want it to look like I am self-promoting myself in this forum).

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    That would depend on the quality of your articles, the keywords you've targeted and the landing page in the URL of the author box.
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    Yes, it still works but probably not as well as it once did.

    You will have to work out your own twist on the conventional submitting to EZA etc, as everybody and his dog are doing this. Too much competition to make the returns you could a year ago.

    Articles are still useful for backlinking to a new or existing site though.
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    Yes, proper article marketing can be a big traffic generator for anyone willing to write or have the articles written for them.

    You ought to check out content marketing also...

    All The Best!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Most methods of promotion still work their are just more people doing a half-a** job and getting little results and then going around and claiming the method is dead... Be different, be too the point, be fun.

    I read a very good article the other day and the main point was people don't want to read your sh*t... It's true, you have to give something that really benefits them, there's too much of the same old boring stuff online and therefore people have grown immune to it...

    But unique content, and that doesn't mean it has to be something no one has ever seen before, it can just be funny or entertaining in some way - this will almost always work to bring in more prospects, clients, customers, etc. - just see what the majority is doing (mostly boring re-written articles) and do the opposite.
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      Re "Does it actually work? If it does, how many articles should I submit before starting to see some results?"

      Yes, article marketing still works. Many people use it as their only form of marketing, and manage to make great incomes from it.

      "How many articles" depends on many things, primarily the niche you're targeting. You need understand your niche, and build up your presence in that niche, and use article marketing as part of an overall strategy -- to build a list, etc.

      In a very popular niche, if you think about what you're doing, you should see results at around 250 articles.

      I vaguely recall Chris Knight at Ezine Articles saying that most people give up before they've written 20 articles, and that's much too soon.

      If you're just starting out, I suggest you use article marketing to build your list, because it's an investment in your future.

      Remember that article marketing is advertising, and that it's a longterm thing. I'm still seeing sales from articles I wrote five years ago. In other forms of advertising, once you stop paying, your sales stop.

      So think longterm -- how will the articles you write today benefit your business in 12 months? In three years?

      Good luck with it. :-)
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        If you post good content articles that are a review of a product or service - this carries weight with the customers out there - just keep writing!

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    Article Marketing rocks! why? because most internet marketers don't want to do it! You can have two birds in 1 stone using article marketing, sale through affiliate link and backlinks ! Check out some of my site below to learn more. I teach them for free. Cheers
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