What whiteboard programs do Fiverr sellers use?

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I have a client who has used FIVERR for their whiteboard videos but shockingly (please catch my sarcasm), the FIVERR contact has just up and disappeared. I need to find out the program they used. Charging less than $200 a video, I'm certain they used an online program with templates. Any suggestions on software/online programs to use? I need to replicate the same video whiteboard characters. Thanks!
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    Hy and welcome on this forum.Maybe they used videomakerfx which has lots of whiteboard slides and I remember that only costs 47$ which might explain why they didn't charged a lot of money for a whiteboard animation.
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    The possibilities:

    1. Using whiteboard animation video software such as; Sparkol Video Scribe, Explaindio Video Creator, Easy Sketch Pro, Videomaker FX, Doodly and a bunch more.

    2. Using whiteboard animation video templates which need an Adobe After Effect software to edit them. The templates are available at videohive.com.

    3. Using original artist and real hand drawing video recording at a basic to an advanced video studio.

    I think what you are looking for is the 2nd option. So go to videohive.com and search the template with "whiteboard" keyword. Good luck!

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I will definitely check out the software you suggested. I use Adobe After Effects but I just need to find the exact software they used, so the characters matched. Hoping I can find it with the software you suggested. Thanks again!
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