Does Anyone Know How I Can Autopost Content To Blogger?

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I have a project I am working on and there is a specific reason I am using what I am wanting to do is take my content on my hard drive and set it up so that it posts to blogger every half hr or so

Is there a way to do this...maybe some software of something?

I know it can be done with WP...but, I really need to use blogger for this project

Thank you for your time

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    the unique article wizard posts to blogger - in your settings, you create an "email address" for posting by email.

    it's not software - it's a content syndication network...


    be careful of doing too many posts per day - blogger is quick to flag potential splogs nowadays....

    the advised max is 5 a day.

    but if it is only en experiment, feel free...

    what you can also do....

    there is a site called wordpress to blogger...

    so you can upload content to a wp blog, and export it - then convert it to a blogger file, and import it into a blogger blog.

    only catch is....max 1 meg converted at one time.

    hope this helps

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    Hi Mark,

    You can set up Blogger to schedule posts ahead of time. Just click on New Post, paste in your content, then click the link at the bottom of the posting window that says, 'Post Options.' Then click on 'Scheduled At' and put in the date/time you want it to be published. Then click 'Publish Post.'

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