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I know how to rebrand printed plr/pdf but how do I rebrand video plr?
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    Originally Posted by blueonblue View Post

    I know how to rebrand printed plr/pdf but how do I rebrand video plr?
    one thing you can do is re-do the audio.


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    This type of plr rebranding takes time. Essentially, you probably would have to do one (or all) of the following:

    Take the plr videos and place intros/outros in front and after the videos...
    Take all the information from the plr videos and make completely brand new videos
    or redo the audio as al just said above.

    If you have source information/files (ppt or pictures, articles or ebook, etc.), making brand new videos becomes very easy... but say for example your plr videos have all the names of the system in the video and the audio... then your best bet would be to make new videos but you would also have to pull the information from the plr videos to do so.

    By rebranding the videos by adding an intro/outro... that would work but the plr videos have to be BLAND. Like bland as in no type of branding at all... in the video or the audio.

    I'm pretty sure there are other options but these were some off of the top of my head. I hope I didn't confuse you too much.
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    You could add an intro and outro to the videos with your brand.

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      Rebranding Video PLR is difficult and what i do is just change sales letter, graphic etc and leave rest as it is..
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    Originally Posted by blueonblue View Post

    I know how to rebrand printed plr/pdf but how do I rebrand video plr?
    I just use the PLR Video as a blueprint and guide to redo the video myself.
    It can be faster than most think once you do it enough. And very effective
    You can even go thru PLR and transcribe the audio , maybe edit and add a little of your own to it

    - Robert Andrew
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    How much work it is to rebrand video really depends upon how comprehensive the PLR video package is that you purchased.

    I have several video PLR products and I always make sure that the source files (all original graphics, audio track, narrative transcript, etc) are included in the package I purchase. Then, as Discrat mentioned, it's a fairly quick and easy process to simply re-create my own video based on what the original looked like. By doing your own version, you can easily take out of the video parts that you don't like and add anything else you want.

    So be somewhat discriminating about what you buy in the first place because it will certainly make rebranding much, much easier if you have all the source files. Just a "word to the wise" . . .

    Good luck,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Depends on what the video is about, if it's a sales video, a PowerPoint video, educational video, live cam.

    The best solution if you ask me is to redo the whole content yourself, where possible, such as a PowerPoint video. This allows you to do much higher quality for both video and audio.

    The easiest option though is to rebrand it with your logo, either by adding an intro/outro or by adding your logo as a watermark throughout the whole video.

    One resource I recommend for intro/outros (logo animations) is https://videohive.net/

    You'll find great resources there for $15-20
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