What the HECK is wrong with my landing page?

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Hey Warriors,

Need some brutal honesty here!

I have a FB ad running to a landing page, where I have zero conversions. ZERO! What the heck is wrong here?

The ad copy and image are the same as the landing page, and I am getting a really good click through rate. Also, I've tested all of the technical stuff, so that's not it; so I'm clueless. A little help here! How can I fix this, and get even on person to opt into my list?

Here is the landing page: https://hegotschooled.lpages.co/he-got-schooled-monthly-special/

Thanks, Guys and Gals!
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    what about saying "Free Report" or something similar if you're giving them something free
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    I don't know what your ad says but that page doesn't tell me much.

    Are you offering something for opting in other than a coupon? Offering a coupon means subscribers don't get anything unless they buy something.

    Offer an information-only freebie, like an ebook or a video.

    Your page looks amateurish to me. You are targeting teachers, so you are basically "handing in" a page for grading. I'd give your page a C-.

    At least update your copyright.
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    Four things you might try:

    1- Simplify your text and only focus on one thing - the major pain point that your prospect is feeling and that your product solves. Make it abundantly clear what you're going to give the prospect in return for clicking on the link and make your case very compelling. If the reward for clicking is a report or ebook, I would show an image of the report or book.

    2- I don't think the white overlay that is covering your stress image is helping. The prospect needs to see the image of the stressed out person and the solution (the report image) all above the fold.

    3- Dump the gift card giveaway, at least on the squeeze page. No one is going to sign up just for the "chance" to win a gift card. The page should be simple with just one action (click the link or leave the page). Make the text short, powerful, and hitting the problem squarely on the head.

    4- Have you researched the niche and do you know where your perfect prospects can be found? Is that where you're doing your marketing? Unless you're getting the squeeze in front of the exact people you want to sell to, there is no incentive for anyone else to click your link.

    Are you sure your perfect prospects are paying attention? School is getting out now where I live and I can just imagine teachers are wanting to forget about the classroom for awhile and take a break from their teaching - so maybe the timing isn't great.

    At any rate, and as you know, test for only one variable at a time to get a clearer picture of just what's happening.

    Good luck,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Part of your problem may be the fact that you aren't using your own site; it's a "rental" with no sign of anything substantial. Strike one.

    You say the landing page is the same as the ad. Strike two.

    As Brent and Steve mentioned, once they hit the landing page, they need more information. "Reducing stress" doesn't say anything. Stress could mean anything from dealing with bratty kids, PITA parents, administrators or union reps to dealing with the money challenges of being in a seasonal job that's grossly underpaid in most cases.

    Hit one specific problem, and promise a solution to that problem.

    Tell them what form the solution will take (pdf, video, email mini-course, etc.)

    Scrap the gift card come-on. Sans any real information, it comes off like one of those "win a free ipad" lead gen gimmicks. Strike three.

    You're getting a CTR you're happy with on your ads. Now you need to continue the conversation you started, not just repeat your "pickup line".
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    Is there a specific thing that makes the teacher stressful? Mention that in your landing page, and provide a solution to that problem. Also called out your prospect in the ad.

    Learn this little unknown trick that teachers all over los angeles are using to make teaching fun and stress-free.
    You can geo-target to just the teachers in los angeles in facebook and called out to them. You can run special ad like that to all the major cities and make the teachers think as if it was them that the ad was trying to communicate the message to.

    Now run this new ad with your old ad and see if that will make difference in the conversion. It is very important to split test pages although a little nuisance in the beginning but it can mean make or break your profit margin. Not to mention you'll gain more insight into the world of split testing.
    All the the above users have given you a lot of golden nuggets you should utilize that in writing your landing page. one thing ill tell you is don't walk away from this unless you get at least 1 conversion. Even if you spent 1 grand on this campaign, you'd have learn a lot compared to millions of other online marketers. You improve and become better by failing and learning from your mistake ...
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    It happens to me, so i stopped my ads, i notice that most of the clicks are coming from instagram and it is mobile clicks.

    I suggest that you make your own ebook to offer for free.
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    May be you are not targeting the right audience base.
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  • Hi!

    In most cases, FB PPC campaigns fail because the traffic obtained on Facebook is not congruent with the actual page. It seems common sense but you'd be amazed at how many times people get simple demographics wrong.

    However, I'm going to give you the benefit of a doubt and assume you know what you're doing on Facebook.

    When it comes to your squeeze page ... I'd change a few things.

    # the pre-head is used for identifying the customer, not for saying who you are UNLESS you are a recognized brand or organization.

    # Rhetorical questions in a headline don't really work. Any question that can be answered by a no doesn't work.

    # Is stress the main problem that needs to be solved?

    # You're trying to do way too much with your headline (a rhetorical question, an offer and a second offer that has nothing to do with your first).

    Plus, the big question is - what am I actually getting?

    So let's go back for a second. Let's say you have a course on how to reduce the stress in the classroom.

    You need to ask yourself some basic questions ...

    # Who am I actually targeting? Young teachers? Older teachers? What type of teachers? High-school? Before high-school?

    # Is stress the biggest problem they have or are they feeling overwhelmed and anxious because they have so much to do and they are a single person?

    # What is the best thing they could get now for free? A course or a simple, three step technique they can apply today?

    They have a clear problem. Be specific with it. You have a clear solution. Be specific with it. You're giving something away for free. Be specific with it.

    It is not rocket science mate
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    Just a personal thanks to everyone who has chipped in to give some feedback...incredible info! Means a ton!

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    I agree with 21stCenturyCopywriting. Thanks for that,
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    Free info - like has been suggested with ebook or informational product which gets the customer on your list and then the free download has link to something you promote
    Get better info on your audience and who your traffic really is and identify what that group wants to buy - target and profit
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    What's the call to action on your FB ad?
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    Doesn't look professional enough,

    Too much Text,

    Headline is confusing,

    Google something like : Best optin pages and copy them
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    take all these comments with a grain of salt...

    we can cant get a full evaluation of what is wrong without seeing your FB ad.

    Most pages do not convert NOT because of the page but because there is a disconnect with the ad and landing page.

    Does your ad 100% immolate your landing page and visa versa? Also I assume you are targeting teachers of all kinds (school, courses, fitness, karate) you will want to break out those ad groups and track them.

    Also, are you retargeting? create a custom audience so if someone visits your page but not the thank you page you can retarget them. and an audience that if they were on your thank you page but not your check out page.

    Do you do any type of follow up emails? make sure you do that because with the changes I gave you you will for sure get opt ins now.

    Your thank you page is horrible FYI. no call to action, no telling them what to do next and not even a mention of what is going to happen next.

    When you land on my thank you page i tell the report is going to be in your inbox in the next 10 minutes but in the meantime click here to join my exclusive private FB group where you will get tons of free information and tips from the worlds top marketers.

    Wouldn't you click on that link and take action? now not only do i have their email but i also can market to them via FB with special post BAMM!
    You Are A Snowflake
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      Immolate= kill or sacrifice, especially by burning, so I certainly hope they do not immolate. (Just had to clarify that.)

      When there's a disconnect between the ad and the landing page, often it is the landing page that's causing the disconnect.

      That said, you're right about a lot, without the ad, it's hard to say if the landing page is the whole problem.

      That said, the landing page I saw does not do a good job at identifying the target audience, the problem they have, and does not clearly state that the solution to the problem/a solution to the problem can be obtained by clicking on the yellow button.

      The fact that a lot of people who see the ad end up on the landing page says the ad identifies something some people are interested in. They may, indeed, be the people the OP is after. They may, of course, be people looking for something else, misunderstanding, in other words, the ad.

      So, OP, to get truly useful feedback, what does your ad offer? to whom?

      Originally Posted by rjd1265 View Post

      Most pages do not convert NOT because of the page but because there is a disconnect with the ad and landing page.

      Does your ad 100% immolate your landing page and visa versa?
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    Try this:

    "Two teachers start their careers on the same day. 3 months later
    one of them quit and now works in a supermarket.....the other one?

    Went on to create a fabulous teaching career with a job they love and is now living a stress free life."

    So what happened and why the big difference? Click below to read the rest of the success story.

    When they click you start to tell them who you are, what you have developed and why it will work for them.

    To get the rest of the story "make the story a compelling pitch for the product and get them to opt in to read the whole pitch"

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    I think you should create a little E-book or PLR course to offer.
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    As far as the page goes, it looks great. To me this is a specific target market. Which I am not sure who it should be. In the back I see stressed teachers.

    What were parameters you put in the campaign?
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    Originally Posted by seandys View Post

    Hey Warriors,

    Need some brutal honesty here!

    I have a FB ad running to a landing page, where I have zero conversions. ZERO! What the heck is wrong here?

    The ad copy and image are the same as the landing page, and I am getting a really good click through rate. Also, I've tested all of the technical stuff, so that's not it; so I'm clueless. A little help here! How can I fix this, and get even on person to opt into my list?

    Here is the landing page: https://hegotschooled.lpages.co/he-g...nthly-special/

    Thanks, Guys and Gals!

    Create a short video, post to FB and get your video booast at penny cost. Build your trust first. In my opinion
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    Few thoughts -
    1) I could not figure out the target audience in this. Whom are you targeting.
    2) What is it that you are offering in exchange of an email - is it a report, video, free medicine sample?
    3) I think you need to put just 1 or 2 lines in the text with some tangible outcome eg: like "Reduce your teaching stress by 50%" or something like that.

    Girish Kale

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    Here are my inputs:
    1. Make your content shorter (too much text)
    2. It is isn't clear what the reader will get upon signing up (besides, the card discount)
    3. As a visitor, I would find it annoying to click on the landing page, get redirected to second landing page to enter email ID.
    Just add the email field to the first landing page and do away with the second one. I'll repeat, it is annoying.
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    Do the following things and see the improvement.

    1. Change the BG image Or remove that orange color from it.
    2. Add a Logo.
    3. Why you didn't add a video ? IF you don't have a proper copy atleast give your visitors some visual ease.
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    Add a line "Free Simple Trick to..."

    And measure the conversion again.
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    Get access to what? It's not clear what they're getting for giving you their email other than a contest entry.

    I'm not sure teachers are going to relate to your "he got schooled" line. What does that even mean? How does it relate to helping teachers lower their stress?

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    Page looks kinda "cheap" or "spammy". I would remove this at the top "From The Team at He Got Schooled, INC." it's a waste of valuable advertising space.

    I would also remove the clip art looking logo at the top right of the page. That serves no purpose at all.

    In terms of copy...

    There are too many things going on in the headline. Are you going to help me reduce stress... or am I going to win a gift card? What do these have to do with each other?

    Always make your squeeze page FOCUSED. Help your target prospect with ONE problem and give them ONE solution.

    Another question I had when I read your headline was... Am I going to get a report? Am I going to get a video? Am I just going to get a gift card? You have to be specific with your copy.

    So, if I were you a better headline would be:

    Free [Video or Report] Reveals How You Can Reduce Your Stress in the Classroom Using [INSERT COOL THING HERE... Find something that makes it unique. Is it an exercise... is it a worksheet... what exactly will you show them]

    ...then in the subheadline I would put:
    Click the button below for instant access:

    Implement that. And let me know how it goes ;-)
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    Woefully short on content.

    The premise isn't developed nearly enough.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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