Need $100/$200 fast. Advice?

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Hey guys, I need between $100/$200 fast (within the next week if possible)

What can you guys suggest?

I am a newbie and I'm interested in writing short (think EZA style) articles.

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    Here is a similar thread you may find helpful...
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    If you have writing skills then why not post yourself as an article writer on this forum under 'warriors for hire' section? You can also join outsourcing sites like elance, getafreelancer, odesk and and respond to people wanting article's written.
    Hope that helps?

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    You can manipulate these figures however you want, but, for instance, if you pre sold 80 articles at $5 each and collected half now and half when you delivered you would have $200 now and $200 later.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      It looks like you kinda answered your own question a little bit by saying you could write short articles. If they are decent just put a couple short ones together to equal a 300-500 word article and sell for 4 or 5 bucks a piece.

      You can also submit them to Associated Content for about 3 bucks a piece. You could do a bunch of Squidoo lenses and Hub Pages linking to some Clickbank products or PayDotCom products but you might be pushing it to get in less than 2 weeks.

      Ebay or Craigslist would be a lot quicker but don't involve much article writing. Ebay would be better for dropshipped physical products or Ebay arbitrage and not affiliate sales. Craigslist would work for some PLR redone or resell rights products. You could also do some Ebay arbitrage on Craigslist.

      If you are in the USA or Canada you could do some freebie sites and get at least a hundred bucks or so in about 24 to 48 hours.

      These are just a few things that might help you or others in this bind.
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    Use the search function. This forum is filled with info.
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    You can build links or write articles.
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    good tips yeah i agree if you need it that fast write some articles for someone like on here as stated. Affiliate marketing is a business, that you build up for residual income. Especially if your a newbie there is a learning curve involved. Good luck!
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    If you can write as you say you can, then you'll soon get snapped up if you frequent sites such as GAF, Rent A Coder, etc. I make about $200 per week now by writing for the site I'm promoting, but before that I was picking up work on the two sites mentioned. You could also apply to write articles for some popular magazines. They pay quite well but the work load is often quite limited. I do the odd article for Mens Health at $50 a pop, but usually only one or two each week. I also pick up work on Rent A coder, writing and English to Thai translation work, but they also have many other opportunities.

    Just keep trying and don't give up.
    Great Content, Great Writers, Great Prices
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