What Benefit of Press Release?

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What exactly benefit of press release and where I can get "press release" distribution services with High Recommended?

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    Thanks for short explanation,

    So, press release better than article directory right?

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      Originally Posted by soffell View Post

      Thanks for short explanation,

      So, press release better than article directory right?

      I wouldn't say that much... If it was better than everyone would be talking about bum press release marketing... Press releases can be good if you're good at writing them... They have to capture attention and be newsworthy; if not then they won't do much for you.
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        press release better than article directory right?
        Yes, much better.

        They are harder for the average person to write and must pass certain standards to be accepted. In addition, there are more good places to post articles for free (that really work) than there are good places to post press releases. Therefore, there's more cost in a press release marketing program than in article marketing.

        All the marketing gurus I personally know who understand the benefits of press releases and are good writers write many more articles than press releases because articles are much easier to write as well as because it's a way of conserving marketing dollars.

        Marcia Yudkin
        Check out Marcia Yudkin's No-Hype Marketing Academy for courses on copywriting, publicity, infomarketing, marketing plans, naming, and branding - not to mention the popular "Marketing for Introverts" course.
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    Their are 2 benefits to press releases... immediate traffic and getting your site indexed if new.

    If the story comes up for a highly searched keyword on Google news within the organic search pages you will also see a spike in traffic.

    One of my recent releases gave me over 500 hits per day for a few days and then went to position 3 on google for over a month and is still getting traffic to this day (over 13,000 vies / 9100 click thru's) I paid $20 for the release through Webwire.com and it has earned me over a $1000 in adsense earnings.

    Not all pr's do as good but it still shows you that with the right keyword / and press release you can score a good ROI.

    I use:

    webwire.com ($20 per release)
    Free Press Release - Online Press Release Distribution Service

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    There have been some good suggestions in this thread. Marcia Yudkin who has created several very good press release information product offered some excellent insights.

    If you need help with a release, find a good template to work from. Also, I've had good success with Webwire.com, PRweb.com, PRleap.com to name a few distribution providers.

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