What's the quickest way to promote an online course?

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Also, if you'd had success promoting your course. I'd love to hear your story.
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    no story here.

    just pay for traffic:

    -- FB ads
    -- PPV
    -- Promoted Pins

    make sure to track conversions and test squeeze pages against each other

    Best of luck,
    Ike Paz
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    If it's an online course you created yourself, then I recommend getting affiliates to promote your course. This strategy would also bring you some buyer leads. Paid traffic is great too. But if you choose that approach, I recommend starting with a small budget until you have dialed in your traffic to the audience that would be more likely to buy your course. After you've dialed in your traffic, then you could scale up your campaign.
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    You could offer a part of the course for free on udemy and upsell the rest of the course
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    Give part of the course away for free then offer an upgrade to get the full course. Once your converting then list your offer on affiliate networks like clickbank, jvzoo and warriorplus.
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    create front end price below $10,set 100% affiliate commission
    then create OTO ,create 25% to 505 commission.
    simple rule
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    These replies are on fire. Loving the info so far guys.
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    Craete soem coupon for your course and post in diferent coupon posting sites. Craete soem free course to increase the sudent datatbase.. Post your course content in different guest bloging sites.
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    A webinar funnel and then send traffic to the funnel
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    promote throught social medias or get paid traffic which u can also get through social medias , sites like clickonomy where a person having traffic list send a email about your thing which makes you get them but it comes at a cost . If u can afford go on theres no stopping

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    Build an email list through your blog.

    Because many of your readers will trust you, or most, they will buy your course.

    This is the quickest way to sell an online course. Which takes time. Good things take time.

    The quickest way to PROMOTE an online course is to pay for traffic.

    But that isn't the quickest way to actually sell it and earn profits because paid traffic is often colder traffic than blog traffic.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Invest in my blogging course to live your wildest dreams through blogging.
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    What's the quickest way to promote an online course?
    Bing Ads

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    I like bing, and went from $0 to to $100 day profit just testing, with leads and email marketing.

    You have to have a hook, and we did when donald trump got elected, with BING hooks work well.

    IF you can tie it to the news, and current events like the war mongers in North Korea and all that sort of stuff, you can have wins as well.

    Obviously it does not come without testing, but PAID Traffic and EMAIL marketing, will get you to making money quite quickly if you know what you are doing.
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    The faster way to promote anything is to promote it to your crowd( email list)

    Can't beat the good old school model.
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    I guess you can try out some personalized video marketing techniques. It is a great way to get new customers online. Combine this technique with different social networks and you will get some nice results, from my point of view. What do you think about it, guys?
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