Some brain child went around and undid all the ratings but 2 on the WSO front page!

by mmurtha 8 replies
Can someone explain how or why this is being done when people don't even know what the WSO consists of.

People work hard for the ratings they get. I know I do.

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    LOL!...that brain child was me installing a hack that doesn't allow people to rate their own threads. If they vanished we know who rated their own threads now...
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      Oh No!


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        Originally Posted by tigres409 View Post

        Oh No!




        Ask...Because you never stop learning.

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          ahh don't worry Mary.

          As you say, now you know who did it.

          I'm sure people will rate your WSO again if they like it.

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            They will and did. And I got twice as many.

            Go figure...

            Btw, it wasn't funny when I put this thread up, but at least between Allen and you guys I got a good laugh at myself.
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              Hey Mary

              I'll vouch for you. I believe I had stars on two of my WSOs, and I just checked now and there's only stars on one. I know I never rated any of them, because I haven't even figured out how to do that -- been far too busy playing with the new IMG tag.
              Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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        thats nice , people rating others thread makes sense , people rating their own .. hmmm ! wats up with that .
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      Oh I am sorry Allen. Man, now I really feel bad.

      It's been one of those days if you know what I mean.

      I honestly thought someone went down the line and gave everyone bad ratings.

      To get a rebuttle in, no I did not rate my own WSO.

      Ask JT who rated it. He knows the guy.

      I think there is something wrong with your hack myself.

      Are we oksy now?

      Btw thanks for the response. At least I know who it was.

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