How can I sell my first gig at Fiverr?

by ProGuy
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I've just signed up at fiverr and created a new gig which I am trying to sell. Is there anyway to promote my gig to start getting new orders?
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    I've just signed up at fiverr and created a new gig which I am trying to sell. Is there anyway to promote my gig to start getting new orders?
    What's is it that you're trying to sell? Perhaps, you might approach buyers with an introductory discount offer telling them you're doing that because you need some quick reviews. Take a look at the profiles of some of the top sellers and see what they are doing to get sales and try to implement that as a strategy. When bidding on a project, always offer buyers a bonus to get them interested; the bonus can be a small one no problem.
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    Make a video of your product or service. That gets attention.

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    it s True That the First Customers are not easy to get
    Try to Offer Over deliver in your first Gig
    Put Great Bonuses For The 10 next Customers for example
    Give Them an Offer They can not refuse
    Put You Video On Youtube
    Go Comment On related niche Blogs
    Answer Questions on Q/A Websites
    Good Luck
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    Make your gigs more attractive. Add some benefits of using your gigs etc. add videos to your gigs. It will take some time to get orders for a new gigs.

    Blogging Tips & Tricks @

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    Use your social media connection to promote your gig... I believe you can get your very first sale from your social media accounts, if you have any...try to use fb,twitter,Gplus and also linkdin accounts to promote your gig..
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    Promote your gig through youtube by creating own video clips. You can also promote it in social media.
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    hey there
    great question..

    go to groups and join 200-300 groups over time
    then post to each group
    you are on so if you have a few dollars buy some paid traffic right there at fiver .com
    you generally get better and quicker result with paid traffic
    if you have time run some classified ads also
    talk soon
    sam f
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    I would recommend paid sponsored ads in fiverr itself to get your first sale. After you got few sales in your profile you can see some organic sales.

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  • I think better way is first gig you or your friend have to buy
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    First u need, your gig would be rank in first page, that's why your gig title and description would be similar.
    second, you describe your gig information clearly.
    third, marketing about you gigs with social media and relevant forum.
    fourth, you may make a video for describe you service what want to serve.
    fifth, you gig pricing.
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    Firstly, make your gig is looking unique and well offered . Then let people know about your gig through social media.Be sure to have enough samples, Also offer something over delivery like "Will do 2 gigs for one payment"

    One more thing that is really important, BE PATIENT, and don't expect sales right away.

    Some people do get their first gig within hours of joining Fiverr, while others wait for days, weeks, even months.
    Thanks a lot,
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    I think it's important to ask yourself honestly, would i buy what am offering?
    Look at how other mostly top sellers organize their gigs and description, mirror, don't copy what they do and use appropriate tags, and also like a few people here have suggested, ensure you over-deliver for $5 you can always increase your price later when you have a lot of positive feedback.
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    Hi I startd on fiverr as a Voiceover artist over two years ago and I had my first order within a week. I made sure that I was listing a gig that was very popular but I also had to work hard promoting it and impressing my clients as the competition was very high. Try and list as many gigs as you are allowed with different variations too and always check the buyer request section each day Sponsored listings are not allowed in all categories yet just to let you know.
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    i would go on youtube and social media, and help people and plug that way.

    Or you could go by email marketing we helped a fiverr gig guy go from $0 to $100 a day in sales with leads, and old fashioned email marketing, but you have to do it right.
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    Is there anyway to promote my gig to start getting new orders?
    Optimize for Fiverr's search engine.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    I think, your Gig title should be catchy and well researched.If your gig is not showing on Fiverr Search engine then your gig can't be bought by the client.
    Well, You need to do few things
    First- be proactive on Fiverr. If you are not online then you can't get the client
    Second- You just keep promoting on the Facebook group, Google communities and use the hashtag on twitter and keep promoting on social Media platform because if you are getting the impression, clicks then you will get your first order very soon.
    Third- Keep patient and Don't give up.
    Many Thanks
    Sagar Shaw
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    Hey proguy
    you khow fiverr is popular digital marketplbhace there are have hugh publisher and advertiser
    now if you are new seller on fiverr and published your gig service then you willl marketing your gig such as social media marketing, video marketing , images backlink, power point marketing, forum marketing blog comment backlink and powerfully buyer request

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