Why does my site not show up in MSN & Yahoo searchers ??

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Hi Guys,
I have a few sites and they are showing high in google page 1, spots 3 & 4 for my keywords but when i type my keywords into MSN`s Bing or Yahoo searches my lists are not listed or they are many pages into the searches ! Why is this ?? And how can i make my sites show up good iN MSN & Yahoo ??

Please Help.. Jim
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    If it's a new site chances are they just haven't indexed you yet.. give it time
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    The way Bing and Yahoo indexed your pages are different. My site are on the first page of Google for almost a year.

    However for Yahoo they are almostly nowhere to be found. Only ocassionally they appear and disappear again.

    Since Yahoo and Bing have a lesser share of the search traffic, I do not bother to optimise my site to their requirements.
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    Different search engines = different results. There are some tutorials out there that you can learn from if you want to specifically rank high in Bing and Yahoo.
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      My site shamiphotos.com is also listed in google.
      but unfortunatily it is not showing up in bing and yahoo.
      i have submit it many times. can somone tell me how can i index my site into yahoo and bing search engins.
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