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I just bought an expired domain but it has a big red warning when I try to visit it.

How do I get rid of this? I even installed wordpress and it is still there...

Is this going to kill me in SEO terms?
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    What does the warning say?
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    What does the warning state? It could be due to propagation too.
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    Hi IMstarter,

    Sounds like you haven't updated the Nameservers yet, or if you did, you haven't waited long enough for the new IP address to propogate to your routers' nameservers and/or your web
    browser's cache files.

    Use this tool to verify that your domain name has propagated completely across the top level of the web routers.


    If so, then try opening your webpage with a randomly added parameter
    i.e. www.mydomain.com/?test=1
    to get a fresh page download to your browser.

    It is likely just a temporary issue that will clear up as your local routers and web browsers cached pages expire.


    Don Burk
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    If you're checking it using a "http://" url using Google Chrome, it might be part of the ongoing rollout of a new initiative.

    Check your cPanel for an option to add a security certificate and then check the url using "https://".
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    I had a similar issue for one of the domain I bought ( The site ahead contains malware ). That means It's blacklisted by google because the previous owner used this domain for spamming or something.

    You can request google to whitelist the domain here:
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