If You Sell Info-Products Online, You'll Want to Make this Change Now....

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I'll be the first to admit, I LOVE selling e-books.

But, I was one of the very first to make a living selling them.

I started back in 2001, selling my first fitness program I ever wrote.

That one e-book went on to do over $2.2 million in sales.


I wouldn't DARE writing it in the same way I did back then.



Competition. And mainly from Google!

See, if you have a strictly info-based business where you sell e-books... it's going to get tougher and tougher to make money at it.

Believe me, I've seen it first hand. Back in 2001, the space was wide open.

And when Google Adwords first rolled around, I was like a kid in a candy store,
buying clicks for a nickel and selling $1,000 worth of e-books a day.

Sure enough, the good old days ended when the Slaps came.

It became more expensive and even harder to get on Google Adwords.

And as I see things today, and where they're headed... if you have
an information business and sell e-books, or other straight info-products"...

You're going to have a tough run at it.

BUT... if you offer more than just information... if you're able to offer TRANSFORMATION where people are getting more than just straight information... that will be key to your survival online.

Again, information is EVERYWHERE.

People are busy and yet, there's now more information than ever.

I have 4 to 5 ebooks I bought on my Kindle that I haven't even got around
to reading yet.

But, if you can offer valuable information that helps improve peoples' lives... if you give insight and advice that helps people move away from pain and towards pleasure... you'll beat those competitors who are just dishing out straight fact-based info.

Again, I've seen it happening since 2007 or so.

The strictly info-only model is getting harder to make work.

First... you're competing with Google when it comes to delivering straight information and facts.

Good luck with that.

Also... advertising on Google and Facebook will continue to increase as competition increases... making it virtually impossible to profit if your "business" consists of JUST an e-book on the front end.

So if your business model consists of nothing more than info-products like e-books... you're going to need a new approach.

My advice?

Focus on building relationships and giving insight that helps others improve their lives...

Aim to attract leads and prospects by building relationships and offering value FIRST, before trying to sell.

Aim to transform lives, solve problems, and move people from pain to pleasure... not just give info.

Google can give you any info you want... for free in seconds. Again, good luck competing with that.

But if you can offer insight and advice in a way that HELPS people see results fast, they'll remember that.

If you offer applicable information they can use, right away, to see results... if your information connects with people... if you offer insight that can transform lives... YOU will stand out.

You can charge more, you'll become known in your market, and you're not just a commodity giving out straight information like almost everyone else.

So don't try to compete with Google.

Instead... be an insightful expert who offers applicable advice that your prospects can use right now, to see results.

Take "information" a step further and move people closer to "transformation".

If you move from just providing information and instead, look to build a relationship and offer value first...

If you focus on connecting with people and giving insight that can help transform an area of their lives... you won't become a straight commodity business like information.

Remember, Google can give information, but they can't do it in a way that's unique to YOU and what you can offer people, in terms of applicable advice, life experience, and action steps to take.
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