How To Make Money With Clickbank Step By Step. These are Some of the steps i use personally.

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Making money with clickbank is real and many marketers are earning a lot through this business model. Later-on i will discuss with other FREE bare patience with me in the meantime.

This model is also used to do multiple affiliate marketing and selling products because clickbank is effective in selling information online because there are many information-consumers out there.

Avoid hit and run marketing
Most marketers have been used to doing hit and run marketing which uses the following simple steps;
  1. Selecting a clickbank product/affiliate of preference to sell
  2. Sending traffic to their landing pages with PPV/PPC
  3. Expect Profit!
In the hit and run marketing, affiliate marketers are known to spend money on advertising and getting a customer who they loose forever. This means that you use $40 to get a customer buy your product but he/she never comes back.

Another limitation in hit and run marketing is that it is never stable.

This is because you will be bound to spending in advertising to land new customers every time. Besides this, you stand a chance of Google slapping your landing page due to low quality score.

What happens when an affiliate marketer runs out of money used in advertising and tweaking your landing page? Whenever competitions drive up bids, a hit and run marketer risk loosing profit.

A hard truth that you must embrace as an internet marketer is that internet marketing is a real business which depends on repeat customers.

This means that a business needs customers who come in frequently to buy products as opposed to those making a one-time purchase and never come back.

In a real business, if a customer buys a clickbank product from you, it is likely that he/she will buy another clickbank product from you some other time. You will never achieve this through hit and run.

It is easier dealing with repeat customers that having to make a new one every day. It is seven times expensive to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one.

A working clickbank affiliate model
Unlike hit and run, in this clickbank business model, you will require hard work in building it but its rewards are very impressive because you will be earning better than with hit and run. Here are steps towards this business model.

i. Choose multiple clickbank products in the same niche to promote.

ii. Create a free offer eBook about your niche.

iii. Build a squeeze page to offer your free eBook.

iv. Send traffic to the built squeeze page.

v. Use the squeeze page to capture the incoming traffic.

vi. Put email auto responders and clickbank products into effect.

vii. Witness your money racking up in your click bank.

Unlike hit and run, this model deals with building a customer base by sending leads to a squeeze page with an intention of capturing their emails and continue advertising products and services for a prolonged period as opposed to hit and run where you directly send leads to your clickbank landing page, sell your products to them and you never see them again.

Email List verses huge money

Prominent marketers understand the tricky that their money is always in high quality email lists. In order to avoid spending a lot of time and money, you need to build a huge email list.

Although you may be having a successfully launched clickbank system, you need an email list for extra revenue because you may use the email list to promote other related products. In short, both clickbank affiliate marketers and bloggers need to possess email lists if they are to succeed in their businesses. It is high time you become a serious marketer and build your own list.

Tips to enable you make money from clickbank
i. Identify a series of Clickbank products
Being successful in clickbank depends on identifying a niche of your interest in which you have a rich experience and knowledge on. Besides being interested in making money, you must have fun in what you will be doing because it is from your passion that you will find the determination of wanting to move on even when things become very challenging.

There are thousands of clickbank products available for you to promote in clickbank marketplaces. In searching for the products to sell, you can use the following criteria; sales, popularity and commission among others.

It is important to acquire a copy of the products before promoting them. You can get the copy from the advertiser; which will require a refund upon deciding against advertising the products.

You are bound to enjoying a 60 day money back policy covering all the clickbank products.

ii. Free eBook Offer
People need something valuable for free in order to be interested in giving you their emails. You should create a quality eBook in your niche in order to prepare a path for promotion of your products.

It is better if you write it yourself in order to reach your potential customers in a better and personal way but you can hire somebody to do it for you if you can not.

iii. Build a squeeze page to promote the free eBook offer
A squeeze page is a special type of a landing page responsible for Opt-in information. This means that people visiting this page are required to register in order to receive a particular offer; a free eBook offer for our case.

You may desire to have people visiting your blog subscribing to it in order to help you build a clean email list. Because your blog may be having a lot of content for your readers to benefit from, you need a separate page (squeeze page) to capture their email addresses.

It is easy and quick to create your squeeze page using WordPress which provides a unique blog design. Thrive themes is all you need to create your squeeze page within minutes. Using it involves choosing the theme of your preference, adding text, photo or video and your Get response email code. After doing all that, the rest will be accomplished automatically.

iv. Sending traffic to the Squeeze Page

You will need to either use the expensive advertising tools like pay per click or pay per view to drive traffic your squeeze page. On the hand you may find other relatively cheaper options or decide to be a little creative.

Being creative may include setting a contest between affiliate marketers who may succeed in sending a lot of traffic to your squeeze page. Besides this, let one reward be open to any of the affiliates who is to be picked out randomly.

The reward for the contesting affiliate must be valuable and luring to attract as many affiliates as possible to the contest. Do not be mean because you will have to spend in order to earn.

v. Capture The Lead.
Lead capturing is central to affiliate marketing hence you must maximize on every means used in capturing leads. Besides using the squeeze page in capturing people's email addresses, you need an efficient system to handle and host the list.

You may use Getresponse as you email service because it works seamlessly with Squeeze. An advantage of squeeze theme and its web interface is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any computer.

New customers interested in using Getresponse have an opportunity of using a $1 dollar trial account from Getresponse. It provides follow ups, broadcasts, unlimited email campaigns and newsletter. With getresponse, your satisfaction will be met and it is worth your time.

vi. Use Auto Responders
These are sets of emails which are automatically sent to new subscribers. They are meant to achieve the following:
  • Building a personal relationship with new subscribers
  • Blog and brand promotion.
  • Recommending services and products used in solving your readers' problems.
It is easy sending auto responders because they are just sent like any other emails. Incase you prefer using Getresponse; you will be required to create a follow up message to a new subscriber by clicking on "Follow Up" tab on the message.

vii. Witness your money racking up in your click bank
In this phase, you will start reaping the fruits of your hard work. As you start enjoying the outcome, you should be careful to improve every step in order to be relevant and effective.
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