What should I focus on?

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I get a lot of information on this forum with great advice.
But i feel kinda overwhelmed, the problem is that i do not get enough visitors in my supplement webshop. I don't know where i should focus on first. Facebook marketing, landing pages, writing blogs, writing info for social media .... -->

I hope someone can point me into the right direction.

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    Originally Posted by SupplementNL View Post

    supplement webshop.
    Your customers are likely to be buying from you regularly. That suggest that building an email list is useful. The first step to an email list is a webpage where people can give you their email. Usually a gift is required to prompt people to give you their email. You can make an audio or write something... and connect with an autoresponder software.
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    It can be confusing and overwhelming when you're first getting started.

    But that's not the case when you know what to focus on.

    I suggest focusing on:

    - Build an email list of targeted leads
    - Learning 'Copywriting' to persuade people
    - Paid traffic to get fast results

    Those are the most important things.

    Good luck.
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    Well it all starts with quality leads. Get in touch! Often time you exhaust your facebook or the landing page isn't connecting with your target market. Blogs are good but does offer the conversion rate you might be looking for.
    Maybe you need help!
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      Thanks for sharing.
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    I think the most important thing to focus on is your target audience. Who are they? What are their needs? Where do they go to find solutions for their problems? if you can figure that out you can figure out where to go and offer them your solution...
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    1. Figure out your target audience
    2. Market to them

    I don't know what your goal is. If you want to build your list up, create a squeeze page offering some type of insight or training on supplements. Figure out what's the BIGGEST question they have about supplements and make that the "point" of your squeeze page.

    Then, based on the information you got from researching your ideal target audience, use that to target Facebook ads directly to them.
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    Originally Posted by SupplementNL View Post


    I get a lot of information on this forum with great advice.
    But i feel kinda overwhelmed, the problem is that i do not get enough visitors in my supplement webshop. I don't know where i should focus on first. Facebook marketing, landing pages, writing blogs, writing info for social media .... -->

    I hope someone can point me into the right direction.

    You need to focus on setup, mate.

    1. Design.
    2. Content.
    3. Ad copy.
    4. Collection (newsletter, forum, etc.).
    5. Socials (branding + integration).
    6. Syndication.
    7. Regular content updates.

    Many marketers will jump the gun with their business. They overlook the importance of making sure their business is setup and ready for business.

    Before you consider growing traffic, for instance, on Twitter or IG or FB, you need to ensure your business is ready to accept that traffic.

    In other words, when the traffic arrives you want it to do certain things for you: syndicate your media, respond to monetizations, join collection points (newsletter, for example).

    If the business isn't setup correctly? All of your time, effort, and money on traffic generation will either be inefficient or entirely wasted.

    Another example. You fling 10,000 people from Youtube at a website. The website looks like an unpolished turd. Will the traffic decide to do anything but click back? That site must be ready to receive them.

    Your site may well be ready, no idea, matey, but if it isn't then just digest those 7 items above and work through them systematically.

    Once you've done that, concentrate on off-site platforms, but if you're new to IM take each platform one at a time. Learn the basics of each one. Learn how to work on Youtube, for instance, then move on to a Facebook page, and so forth, one after the other.

    - Tom

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Try to change something in your content, maybe it will help you to increase traffic (of course it's not enough). Try to build email list, and be all the time in touch with your target. The best place for build good relation b2c are social media, so create fan page and be active!
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    Drop 4, Do 1.

    YES thats it.

    i learnt those words from mark Cuban.

    focus on one traffic source.

    as you can see, it takes enormous amounts of energy and focus for a rocket to take off.
    if one of the throttle's is facing east or west, then....
    u know what happens.......

    and now this is where you are now....


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    • Drop 4, Do 1.

      That's great advice. I know personally I struggle from trying to do too many things at any one given time. And the truth is, that usually means I end up with 4 things done at 50% or less, and nothing completed. Talk about demoralising.

      My advice to you SupplementNL is to talk to your customers. If you have made sales before, reach out to your previous customers by email - or phone (better) - and talk to them. Get them to tell you what they want.

      It's really easy to sit around doing stuff that feels like work because it is exactly that - it feels like you're working. You can spend 8, 10, 12 or more hours a day sat at your PC hacking away writing content, improving your web page, tweaking your SEO, etc, but the truth is (in my opinion and experience) is that you'd be better spending 30-60 minutes each day talking to at least 1, ideally 3 of your customers (or prospects) to understand exactly what it is they want. Make a ton of notes. The language they use is super important.

      And hey, 30-60 minutes and you still have the rest of your day to do content, tweak SEO etc, only now you have a much better idea of what to write and why.

      I hope that helps

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    Hey man,

    I think you should focus on yourself....

    Are you trying to make money online using Internet Marketing tactics, right?

    In order to make money online, you need to sell something.

    So please answer this question: "What make you buy something?"

    If you can answer it ==> you WIN!
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    I think Tom points out a really strong point. Concentrate on one avenue of promotion. LIke Facebook is a good place to start with a Fan Page. And just add content and engage people to interact. Of course you can start doing other things like building a List via FB and a conventional Sq. Page in various places around the web. But start off with one and progress from there

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    You've received a few different ideas for practically attacking the problem.

    I am partial to blogging and list-building as lead generation methods.

    But more than that, choose a channel that feels fun to work.If you enjoy writing, blogging and building a list will feel good to you and you will have more success driving traffic through these channels.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    if you hav a product and a sales process then focus on client acquisition

    can be done thru relationships of traffic
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    Have a good landing page that promises to give them something for free and generate traffic to it.

    Means of getting traffic are;
    Facebook groups
    Commenting on related blogs
    Question and answer sites
    Email marketing
    Related Google plus communities
    Related forum marketing

    Cross promote in all these places and you will experience a surge in your traffic level.
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