Video Marketing Strategies And YouTube Marketing Tips For Blogging Part 1

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Those who have realized how effective video marketing is have taken a huge step towards investing their time in YouTube videos and reaped limitless privileges.

Video sharing is one of the activities that have hit internet users because there are millions of people watching billions of videos every day.

YouTube is a good tool which if wisely used, can build a good audience base which will give rise to multiple views which will in turn increase the number of subscribers and traffic to your blog. You will earn affiliate sales with YouTube videos if you possess the right tips and tricks.

Proper Mindset
i. Provide quality and relevant content:

Just like in blogs and online business, you should have good and quality content before starting on anything. This is what will make people interested in your video.

ii. Video Quality:

You should be aware that the quality of the video is as important as the content itself. People will not waste their time watching a crappy, blurry and laggy video. This does not mean that you need to necessarily use a HD video but it should be watchable.

iii. Be unique among the masses:

The truth is that there are multiple videos out there on every imaginable topic but you need to be unique from the rest in order to attract and keep people's attention.

Your video must entirely focus on your niche and provide what your audience will find different from the rest of the videos. You may use unique technologies in your videos in order to make them fun.

iv. Controlling your fears about the worst that can happen:
Many people avoid using video marketing because they fear appearing before the camera.

The truth is that if you want to succeed, you should be ready to give your audience something more than text. Besides this, you can not hide behind the camera all the time and you want to be successful.

Whatever may come on your way is meant to give you experience and act as a training ground on how to be successful. If you remain fearful of what the future has for you in front of the camera, you will be loosing opportunities of stepping up and claiming the fame you need.

Make sure that within your videos you do the following:
v. Your Video should have a watermark of your Blog's URL:

In order to help your audience discover the origin of the content and where they can go for more, you should have a watermark on all your video.

This is important because even if other people decide to embed your video in their websites, the audience will know that you are the source of the video through the URL in front of them.

This will drive traffic to your site and your brand will be expanded. Once a video on YouTube has been embedding onto a site, its description does not show up but the watermark does.

vi. Start with a quick overview:

As a publisher of videos on YouTube, you need to keep people interested in watching your videos.

In order to achieve this, it is essential to have an overview of what the video is about and how along it will take your audience to watch it.

Providing a description of the video; telling people of what to expect from the video and its timeline will increase your audience's chances of watching the video. This keeps them excited to watch the video.

vii. Include a call to action:

This is one of the reasons for creating the video. A fantastically shot video may be of little impact if you forget to call people to action and tell them to visit your website.

You may include more than one call to action within your video. You can as well tell them to meet you on your social networks.

viii. Screen Sharing is fantastic:

Your audience requires you to do more than telling them how awesomely something works by showing them how exactly to do things. In order to achieve this, you may show your audience how something is done on your screen. This is possible through screen sharing and telling them to do what you need them to do.

There is software called Camtasia for Mac and Camtasia Studio for a PC which can be used to produce high quality. If you want cheap options use Screencast or Jing for PC and Screenflow for Mac. Through these options, have your screenshots recorded and uploaded to YouTube. The advantage of using software is that it comes with cool features which are used in enhancing the videos' features.

ix. Intro/ Outro and Music:

This is not mandatory but it should be dictated with your style and your preferences. It may work well for those with recognizable tunes for their brands but seek continuity for they may bring that music over to their YouTube videos.

Make sure that the music does not interfere with people's interest on your content. Some music may be irritating or boring so be careful on what type of music you use in your videos.

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    Excellent article! There's a lot of very good information here. One thing I would add, though, is to make sure the sound quality is good. Lots of people just concentrate on the pictures, but the audio is 50% of the experience.

    If you have music, make sure it doesn't drown out the narrative. If you're appearing on camera, get one that has a separate mic socket so you can plug in a lavalier/lapel/tie mic so your voice comes over nice and loud and isn't drowned out by background noise.
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    that is grat thanks for the internet that made it possiebly..
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