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the ads get reviewed manually. ive only gotten 1 ad to stick and made me over 340$ in profits in one day, i spent 80$. then it got taken down.

i have tried to get my ads to stick even the simplest ad and it still gets rejected. i dont understand i guess they dont like money, my ads stick on bing and facebook but when it comes to reddit ads its like they dont want my money.
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    Mmmmm, maybe they don't like what you are advertising...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

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    Are you venting on there? LOL!
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    Would be interesting to see what you are trying to advertise, otherwise no one here will be able to help.
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    im advertising nintendo switch sweepstakes. made me alot of money, most popular product right now
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    I never could and probably never will understand the restrictions some of these sites place on their ads.

    After all, it is an AD, which is meant to SELL something, yet many of them don't allow direct selling, or don't allow ads in just about any niche that is profitable.

    As long as the site clearly marks their ads as advertisements, and they are not hate or adult related, then why so many restrictions?

    One of the most outrageous ones was Twitter ads.

    First, the sent me an email telling me my account was approved to run ads (I never applied to run ads there). Then, they sent me a $50 ad credit, and then they must have emailed me every other day for a month asking me to try their service and use my ad credit.

    Finally, I decided to give it a shot. I knew I probably couldn't run any MMO niche related ads. I don't even try to run those anywhere anymore because almost nobody allows it, which is fine. I've never had a problem building my list without paid advertising (other than solo ads) so I don't care about that anyway.

    Finally, after a bunch of emails from them prodding me to try it, I decided to give it a try. Now, I'm in the MMO niche, but as I said, I knew I couldn't advertise anything to do with that, even though it made no mention of that being wrong in their TOS. Experience tells me they won't allow it.

    Anyhow, I decided to run an ad to a landing page which gave away a video course I created myself about how to set up a review blog on WordPress.

    Now, I was super careful with the copy, making sure not to mention anything about making money or even hint at it.

    I made sure the landing page was strictly about how to set up a successful niche/review blog. I didn't mention anything about working from home, starting a home business, etc.

    The ad got approved and started to run. It was doing pretty well too. I ended up getting almost 100 clicks to my landing page and had gotten 29 subscribers. I'd only spent around $30 of the ad credit at this point as well. The ad had been running for roughly 12 hours at this point. I'm starting to think this might be a decent way to add subs to my list. I didn't have an OTO set up or anything at this point so I don't know if I could have made any sales or not. I was strictly testing the traffic for viability as a list building source. I was also using double opt-in, so I'm thinking that I'm getting some quality subscribers from this.

    A few hours go by and I notice that I have not gotten any subscribers for a while. I figured maybe the ad credit ran out. No problem. I go to log in to my Twitter ads account only to see that they have taken the ad down and "closed my account permanently."

    I sent several support emails requesting an explanation, but only ever received generic responses saying "Your account was closed due to a violation of our advertising TOS," or something to that effect. I don't remember the wording exactly.

    I scoured their TOS again, just as I had done before I placed the ad. I could find nothing that I had done. I had not advertised a "get rich quick" scheme. I didn't advertise any health related supplements or "miracle weight loss solutions." I had not advertised anything hate related or adult in nature.

    To this day I still don't know what I did wrong.

    Some of these sites make it nearly impossible to run profitable ad campaigns.

    That's why I've never relied on any of them as far as solutions for generating traffic or building my list.
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    Reddit seems prospering on some levels but darn are they hyper exclusive and picky. That is the trade off, methinks. I tread there with caution.
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    Reddit is a social community that does not believe in marketing stuff... it is more about showcasing or discussing all kinds of weird stuff on Reddit... since Reddit has a huge loyal fan following base they are bound to get strict or else everybody would end up spamming the site...
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    In other words you are promoting CPA offers, like you mentioned nintendo switch sweepstakes.

    They most likely judge what you are advertising to be unacceptable, like probably because of it's round about way of making money of customers instead of a direct way.

    Well, it's all good as long as they don't close your account, you can always analyse and try a different kind of offering to advertise.
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    What was the ad about? Did it link to a squeeze page... a sales page? I'm curious because I run tons of reddit ads to my personal development blog and want to increase my engagement.
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      it took them to a squeeze page, i made tons of squeeze pages to see if they will approve my ad but it seems like the mods click through and see its a cpa ad. honestly people say use fb and bing but reddit ads is where the money is at in 2017.
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    Review and re-write the content of your advert and try again, if they reject it again, that means the content of your advert is the problem.
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    Reddit audience is crazyyy... i know it. Maybe you had been reported bu the community. But guy, how much clicks you get with $80
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