Review my blog, i am a newbie from india.

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I am a newbie blogger from india, started by blog bloggersninja dot com last week. how do i get started, how do i promote my blog? any suggestions, help??
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    Your blog looks good to me and design is also good. I recommend you to use at least 800+ words articles. Your articles are very short. Try to make it more descriptive.
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    Blogger is a wonderful idea as the new start up in Digital Marketing. For Fast and effective growth, You most do unique blog work and perform SEO.
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    Originally Posted by bloggersninja View Post

    I am a newbie blogger from india, started by blog bloggersninja dot com last week. how do i get started, how do i promote my blog? any suggestions, help??
    You've got a nice clean design. All you need to do now is start producing content.

    If you've got money and can afford back links you can go after some key words with a decent monthly search volume.

    If not, just go after long tail keywords with lower search volume which are usually easier to rank for.

    One thing I would suggest though is if you haven't and currently don't make $1000 per month (just an assumption based on your question here)...

    Don't try to show people how to do it because you obviously haven't got the experience yourself.

    Make some money yourself first and then create a guide on how you done it. Even if it's only a small amount like $60 a week.

    At least you will have first hand experience and will actually be able to tell people how you do it.

    Otherwise it's one of those situations where the blind are leading the blind.

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    Would'nt hurt to work on your Optin Form. Not bad but it could be more enticing. A little more descriptive in EXACTLY what they will get. I like using a 2 week Course to entice them showing how to build a List or make money with aff. Marketing.

    Also you could make it "special" and say something like "join our Special Vip Newsletter where as a Member you will get the latest Techniques and Strategies to make more money online. It's FREE to become a Member "

    Something like that

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      Thanks a ton for your valuable suggestions #Robert. # Ryan
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    Looking pretty clean to me. Well done

    The domain name is cool. Nice little logo banner with da ninja. I dig how you have comments open too.

    Some ideas:

    - move your opt in form above the fold; get more subscribers...yes you'd need to the featured posts banner a bit smaller methinks
    - add a pop up form to get more subscribers
    - post a smiling selfie on your About page; I want to see a happy, smiling Ashok to connect with him more deeply

    Looking good to me. Now devote most of your energies to offsite stuff like blog commenting and guest posting to spread the word.

    Thumbs Up
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    You can start promoting you blog in facebook groups where bloggers do promote their blogs as well or you can use these groups where you will see the targeted audience that needs to read the blog . Make sure you post your blog as audience not a promoting robot. Because people loves to hear from real people who got benefited by the blog. You can use reddit, also Instagram but I don't recommend Instagram for bloggers because that is a image based platform , people go there to watch images not to read blogs . And Twitter refreshes in couple of minute so if you want to get traffic from twitter you need to keep your twitter updated quite often . You can engage via google ad words. How? You can search for the keywords people are using to search the information they need. Just write about these or try to add these in your article, You will get free traffic from google as well. I hope my tips will help you a bit to start promoting . All the best for your website.
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    That popup killed me

    I don't think you'll convert too many people because you insist on getting a sale before you build CREDIBILITY

    There are TONS of sites out there offering discount codes for hosting companies

    What makes your site special? What kind of value can you provide that improves people's lives?

    Answer those questions first with REAL CONTENT... otherwise, your blog won't make much money...

    Regardless of how much traffic you pump to it


    Stop wasting your time and start focusing on VALUE
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