Newbies - Need Conversions!

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Hey everyone,


We have decided to leave this dropshipping method and rethink our entire game plan. Thank you all for your advice and criticism.

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    Hi! You need to create the sale funnel to increase your conversation rate with ZERO advertising cost
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      What's the best way going about this? I read about blogging, but 1) I'm not much of a blogger and 2) even if I were I would run out of material really quickly because of the niche we are in.

      Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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        Originally Posted by Bayleafstore View Post

        What's the best way going about this? I read about blogging, but 1) I'm not much of a blogger and 2) even if I were I would run out of material really quickly because of the niche we are in.

        Thanks in advance for your suggestions
        Did you know about SEO? I think you should spend much time to do SEO for your site. This way will drive you a lot of organic and potential traffic.

        Good luck to you,

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        If the Facebook change the advertising rule it will not profitable with your business, right?

        So you need to create a funnel to collect data from your customer.

        One example:

        You are selling some houses => so what are you going to do if you have 10000 contacts of people who love to buy new house?
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    Not trying to be an ass or anything...

    But, people nowadays can smell dropshipping sites from a mile away. At my first visit, I know that are probably shipping from China because I know your product photos and you also did not clear out the nonsensical descriptions in some of your photos; the men's sunglasses one.

    Come on, mate. 14-28 business days shipping for a bracelet? That's lazy, man. Your refund policy states that refunds are only applicable 28 days after the purchase, but your shipping can take up to 28 days in "busy" times... can you see what I'm trying to say here?

    Internet marketers and "gurus" are going to sell you the dream of getting a few products from Etsy and Alibaba, hit up a quick Shopify site, and launch some FB ads to make some easy money - it doesn't work that way anymore.

    You need to put in the effort of actually running a business if you want to make money. Like I said, everyone under the sun has a dropshipping "business"- what makes you different from the others?

    Here's where you can actually make a difference; by working your ass off and actually putting in effort into your products. You can dropship all you want from China, that's fine - but get the damn products to your place and take some good photos of it with your iPhone or whatever. You don't need a photo set!

    Then, get the bracelets and hand it out to your local influencers, get some fancy teenage girls to sport your bracelets, put it on Instagram, Twitter, whatever social media that is good for your niche. Get press releases, contact local publications, get in touch with retailers.

    You see? Running a dropshipping business is no longer a 1-hour work week. Sure, there are people who make BANK off dropshipping - props to them. But for people like you?

    Put in more effort, son. Or you're going to end up like every Facebook ads store that now has Shopify "Coming Soon" pages on their homepage.

    Best of luck.
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      Thank you, just the kind of reply I was looking for, the no BS response. I will definitely consider everything you have said and will decide what the next best step for us will be.
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    Some methods to increase your CR
    -use "call to action (button and text)
    -use Widget
    -create sale funnel
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    There's no way I would order from that site.

    The first thing I look at is shipping and return policies. Both are instant turnoffs.

    I would just go to Ebay and buy from a USA seller with fast shipping and a reasonable return/refund policy.
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      Thank you for your response. The shipping time is something we are both iffy about and were considering looking for American suppliers to supply our goods instead of Chinese suppliers.

      As I said we are newbies and are willing to learn, what would you suggest we do?
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    Hi Bayleafstore,

    Marketing to the Rescue

    Well, since this is a Marketing Forum I think it appropriate to give "marketing" a try.

    Headlines (First Impressions) Matter

    Since you are new at this I will chalk it up to inexperience, but your headline tells most visitors everything they need to know:

    "I'm new and have no clue how to market anything online"

    That's not a proper headline for marketing. Your headline is arguably the most important page element for effecting conversions, Your headline is where you set the first impression on your visitor's perception of your business.

    It's All About Value

    A good headline expresses a promise of value. Where's the value in your headline?

    Where is value expressed anywhere on your homepage? There's a lot of space there and absolutely no value proposition expressed. That's a missed opportunity. Your homepage and each product page needs to have a clear value proposition if you ever hope to get more than a token conversion.

    A value proposition, in its simplest expression, is a reason why people should take action, be it a purchase, or other desired action. You need to trigger a desirable response if you ever hope to garner sales online.

    The most basic Value Proposition starts with a clear value-centric headline to capture attention, a few compelling benefits, and ends with a call to action. For a simple low-cost product, that is well understood, you don't need much more than that, For success, at getting conversions, a clear value proposition should be considered the bare essential content.

    Start there, develop a value proposition for your homepage, and then again for each product page. Only after doing this should you try sending more targeted traffic. If done well you will get a lot closer to getting conversions and it should be clear in your marketing analytics that you are getting far better engagement levels from your visitors.

    Marketing Is Testing

    That is just the opening salvo, you need to test different value propositions to find the most compelling one for your targeted audience. Learn how to perform A/B split testing and make it part of your process for marketing your products.

    If you are not testing, you are not marketing. Get busy learning how to become a master tester, that's the only path to becoming a master marketer.


    Don Burk
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      Thank you for your response, I will take everything into consideration and make adjustments accordingly.
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    Your website reminds me of some course a guy was advertising using shopify and facebook ads to sell products with emotional value. Your website however, has no soul and feels dead. You should start by developing some love for writing and create a blog to pull people in.
    I can buy everything you sell for less money where I live and have no incentive to buy yours. Create a reason for someone to want to buy from you.
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