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by borda
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hi guys
i have an idea to share with you and ask you if it will work firstly.
tha idea is that i think about to take ebooks from amazon and upload theme to google playstore .
is that will work or not ?
i know there is some people upload those books and generate money from it
but i dont know how they do that .
have you any idea how that works
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    Isn't this illegal?

    Buying eBooks then re-selling?

    Could be off but I'd not do it.

    Better idea; write your own eBooks, sell on Kindle, convert to audio book via acx and then earn income through Amazon, Audible and iTunes.
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      i don*t know is it legal or not ..but i saw some example on playstore some books like rich dad poor dad and many more modified and uploaded and they still workin till today .
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        Originally Posted by borda View Post

        i don*t know is it legal or not ..but i saw some example on playstore some books like rich dad poor dad and many more modified and uploaded and they still workin till today .
        I really wouldn't be basing any business/financial decisions on what I think other people are doing.

        As a general rule the method you outlined would be illegal in most countries.

        There are some works that you can download and then sell and these are ones that are in the public domain.

        Copyright and Public domain is a very tricky subject so I would always recommend getting legal advice. Also not just legal advice but expert legal advice.

        To quickly highlight why there is a book by Napoleon Hill called 'Think and Grow Rich' that is within the public domain. However only one version/edition is public domain and the rest are aggressively protected by the foundation.

        Even the version that is public domain on the surface doesn't fit the criteria for being a work in the public domain. Complicated.

        If you are looking at public domain then Project Gutenberg is a great resource for you.

        As a business venture though you are late to the party and some places won't accept straight up reuploads of public domain work.

        If you can add some extra value to the book, through notes, introductions, interviews or illustrations then it's possible to still get listed. Be warned though it's a very competitive market.
        I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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          i have seen this book on the store , and this what prompt me to post my question . still uncovered tips in this topic .
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    Sounds like it's absolutely 100% illegal. You can't steal somebody else's book and then upload it somewhere else to profit from it. I'd be very careful or eventually somebody with a lot of money and/power will spot you and make your life hell.
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    Are you perhaps referring to the publishing of public domain books?
    Titles for which the intellectual property rights have expired.
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      no the intellectual property has not expired yet .
      but the idea is to take books and upload them to the store for generating money . cause i know many who do this with famous books .
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        This is a clear copyright infringement. There are people/companies that have licensing rights to redistribute. Unless you have received explicit authorization from the author and/or publishing company, you are not allowed to redistribute material covered by copyright law.
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    Why don't you write your own ebook or hire people do it for you and publish to kindle amazon?

    It is better than re selling!
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      i think about it , but the problems is that i have a family to support ,so i need to earn as much money as possible .
      if there is any idea i'll be thankful.
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    Here is your answer straight from those that matter!
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    You don't have to lift anyone's work to make money off ebooks

    It's so cheap to get ebooks custom written

    The bigger issue is NICHE SELECTION

    This is what will MAKE OR BREAK your business

    Find the right niches and BANK

    Pick the wrong niches and TANK

    It's really that simple
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      reasonably thinking
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