How do I sell a domain? I'm a dummy...

by AmyKay 5 replies
I need a "selling domains for dummies" rundown.

I own a few domains with godaddy, and they want me to $4.99/yr to sell them? Is that the right way to do it?

Can I offer them to some friends first? How would they buy them from me?

I obviously am clueless as to this process.

Amy Kay
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    I have just domains that I want to sell, but after reading a while, maybe I should sell one of my websites, too. I'm sick of maintaining it. Can I post it here?
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    Hi Amy,

    Try dnforum or SitePoint (Marketplace)

    Shon C.

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      I'm reading and learning a lot!
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    Thats a pretty high Alexa ranking.... Which means you get very minimal traffic.

    The lower that number is, indicates the higher amount of traffic a site receives.

    Alexa is not the most reliable measuring stick these days...but its okay.

    Shon C.

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    Namepros and sedo are the best places to sell domains...
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