Newbie desiring an IM course. Recommendations, please?

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Hello. I am totally new to Internet Marketing and am looking for a course that can help me build a solid foundation in this industry. I realize the Warrior Forum is a wealth of information, but with all that information, it's challenging to stay focused and really know where to begin. I struggle with the technical side of things at times, and really would desire a practical, thorough course designed for newbies as myself.

Site Build It, Wealthy Affiliate, Location Rebel and Gain Higher Ground, are a few courses I've looked into. Please, what other reputable programs are there that can help me build an online business?

Thank you!
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    I would suggest Neil Patel IM course.
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    Do you have any particular direction you want to go such as CPA, affiliate offers, product creation, content creation, etc. or are you just looking for a good general foundation? The recommendations may be different depending on your answer.

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      Originally Posted by Mark Singletary View Post

      Do you have any particular direction you want to go such as CPA, affiliate offers, product creation, content creation, etc. or are you just looking for a good general foundation? The recommendations may be different depending on your answer.

      Cheri, good advice from Mark here.

      A lot of people will fling course suggestions at you. Fact is, though, a good course for one person may not be a good course for another. It depends on you. Your strengths. Your weaknesses. Your likes and your dislikes.

      Hold onto your money for now. Instead of spending money, spent time. Spend time looking around WF and exploring your options. Just dip into subjects (like blogging, PPC, and so forth). See if you can figure out which business models match your abilities and interests.

      Once you know that? Either go it alone, as many newbies do, or hop onto a decent course (on the subject you feel is right for you).

      - Tom

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      As of now, 'just a good general foundation'. As far as what IM train to jump on...CPA, affiliate, etc. I'm still too ignorant to make such a decision. Thus, gaining knowledge to make an educated decision. If I could do something 'newbie friendly'. Is there such a thing? It would be so rewarding to consistently earn income, no matter how small, from an online endeavor.
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      Originally Posted by Mark Singletary View Post

      Do you have any particular direction you want to go such as CPA, affiliate offers, product creation, content creation, etc. or are you just looking for a good general foundation? The recommendations may be different depending on your answer.


      Yes this poster makes a good point. What area of IM are you planning to go into? There is a wide range. It could be CPA, email marketing, FBA, ecommerce, etc. Each area requires certain knowledge and there probably is no such thing as a course that can teach you everything.
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    Tom Addams has some strong advice there; you need to find the right area for you and spend time feeling it out.

    Certain paths work for certain people and others will prefer a different direction. Courses may bottleneck your visibility, but can also inspire you when you see others who have taken the journey before.

    If you are curious about good places to find courses, then I would primarily suggest:
    Creative Live (live workshops and talks on a variety of subjects, including self-motivated businesses),
    Creative Bloq (frequently discount online courses),
    and either Udemy (for more courses) or Neil Patel (for general marketing/business practice).

    Do take Tom's advice though and don't narrow yourself too early on. If/when you do feel the need for courses and inspiration, Creative Live is a great place to start.
    Good luck!
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    There are many methods out there...just go in Google and write : top 5 methods to make money online or something.

    Then it will give you an idea of what method you want to pursue.
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    hey there

    Great question....
    I recommend" business education website" where you will learn everything that you need to know for any type of business.. online business or offline business...
    .business owner or entrepreneur...
    they teach you outsourcing, traffic,selling,management,start a business all of it is a good place to start
    talk soon
    sam f
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    If you have enough budget, get a reputable mentor who have done it coaching program and guide will be faster than pouring money into courses especially you will be easily information overload which usually happen to newbie, like me in the past lol. Courses is good but however with mentor is better as they will guide you but the cons for coaching program is with good coaching program usually quite costly unless you can find someone who just started coaching program AND he really have done it and success in term of example reach maybe $5,000/month CONSTANTLY from affiliate income. Another cons is you have do research on the coach also, I believe you don't want to waste your money on those so called "guru".

    If you have limited budget, then I will recommend choose one online income method course, focus and become specialize in that field. Result come in how fast depend how committed you are and how focus you are. I used to side track a lot when I just started because all the killer headlines in different online income methods is so tempting to try out. lol

    If no money, then go for dropshipping can start with $0 which is how I started my journey. Post it in your country mobile market app or other classified website you should be able to get sales within 1 or 2 days. Use the profit get the course you want to learn, example affiliate marketing.

    Hope this help. Wish you all the best!
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    One of the first places I went to was

    Good stuff that I learned about IM over the years

    - Robert Andrew
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    Go to udemy and search for your desirable courses. Some good quality courses there.
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    More courses are available. You must see which one works for you.
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    For the technical side of things YouTube is your best friend. There's a TON of tutorials on there you can watch.
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    Originally Posted by Cheri411 View Post

    what other reputable programs are there that can help me build an online business?
    Hi Cheri,

    I'd think "What does an online business look like to you?"

    Do you want to sell other people's stuff or your own stuff?

    Do you want to build a following?

    Are you already a natural social networker?

    Do you like writing?

    Ask yourself lots of questions about what you really want.

    How much time you want to spend,

    How much money you want to invest.

    Once you get a general picture of what your ideal business looks like you can start to look for solutions to move towards that result.

    From a personal perspective I like selling my own stuff.

    So I have ecommerce businesses that sell products we manufacture and source.

    Have training courses for my industry and areas of expertise.

    Consult to other business owners who want to generate more business.

    My ideal lifestyle is one where I can spend more time with my loved ones and do what I enjoy.

    So what does my usual week, month or year look like? (I've been self employed since 1992 so I've got a pretty good idea about how to survive and prosper by generating my own income and lifestyle.

    Build the picture you want for your life.

    It doesn't have to look out too far or aim for unrealistic things. Just work out how many hours you want to work and what sort of money you need to get for those hours.

    Work out your passions.

    It is far easier working on something you are passionate about than something you're not.

    Build something around your passions that doesn't rob you of the time you want to spend enjoying life.

    Here is the thing about doing something you are passionate about.

    You will work harder and longer than you expect from time to time and even when you have something really working and it all seems like life is sweet things will change and you will need to dig deep and work hard.

    When you do something you are passionate about it is easier to dig deep in the hard times and easier to make money in the good times.

    There are many good courses for you to study and not all of them require you handing over your life savings to take.

    When you are ready express more of your desires. skills or passions here on the forum or privately to people you trust and get some feedback, get some advice much like you are seeking now and don't rush into something that looks like a good idea if it doesn't fit with your vision.

    Take your time because even once you decide on a path it will take time and commitment.

    This is one of the reasons I chose early on to sell my own products.

    Sure I promote other stuff and sell other stuff but if you build a core product or a core business you create something of value that will return value to you over time and also create value if you want to sell the business later.

    The reason stairs or ladders were created is they made it easier to move upwards.

    An escalator or elevator may move you up to a higher level quickly but it also takes you back down quickly also.

    Step by step is the key.

    Learn a little and risk a little as you gain experience.

    All the best.

    Kind regards,

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    If your just starting out the 4% group is the best for creating a solid foundation. Because it shows you every step of the process. To build a genuine online business and succeed in the IM space your will need to know how to, generate traffic, create a landing page, create a lead magnet, use custom tracking, use an autoresponder, communicate with leads, convert leads to sales. The 4% group is the only IM course that provides training on all these aspects. Hope this was helpful

    Grab My Free Book -

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    To start and learn everything from top to bottom and be up and running in a very short period of time, I would say join the Four Percent Group.
    Trust me when I tell you I've tried it all and this is the most comprehensive and complete system I have seen yet! All the best to you.
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    Thanks everyone for some great advice. I have some work ahead of me, as I will be a student of learning. WoooHooo! And WF is a such a great place to learn. Thank you!
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