Can someone start online marketing with only 200$?

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Someone have asked me this question "Can someone start online marketing with only 200$?" and my answer is,
Based on my IM experience; No, this is the beginning of spending and the rest is coming up.
Of course keeping away SEO approach as it requires high time consuming learning efforts and he will stay out of earning for about 6-10 months until Google get satisfied upon him and get ranked to the first page, so, SEO is out of here.
It's the paid traffic which he'll gonna need to dive in, so in my opinion, 200$ is too low to keep the business self-automated. But, i wanted to know if i'm wrong about this and there is possibility for someone to start with a total budget of 200$ or some like it.
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    Yah, You are right $200 is so cheap. I agree with you.
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      Yes i think it's not enough at all
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    Not all methods are equals,

    I personally started with $0 and it took me a few months to make a few thousand per month in passive income, but the method I picked was great.

    As soon as I see someone talking about SEO, affiliate marketing, starting a blog, I know they are not going to make any money any time soon. Why? Because I've done all of these and I know how it works. These method are simply not newbie friendly.

    If you are just starting out, you want money FAST, then you can more to something else if you want.
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    In my opinion, you can success from ZERO....

    If you have money to outsouces or buy some ads, It will be much faster.

    If not.... its OK but you must invest more time to drive free traffic or doing some small jobs.

    Believe me! anything CAN possible!
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      I'd add that if you spend no money, investing more time in driving free traffic by following proven, intelligent, disciplined methods, patiently, sharing value and helping others, is the way to become successful with no initial investment. Or with a super small initial investment.

      Good stuff Doan I see you everywhere.
      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Yes, 200$ is little bit lower money to start this big internet marketing because things take time, contribution, money and reach.
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    Wouldn't it depend on what they are trying to accomplish?

    They probably can't immediately launch themselves into a huge business with $200, but they can certainly start with $200.
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      When i started in IM as a totally newbie, my goal was to solve the First Dollar Riddle, and i think most newbies are the same.
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        Lol my freelancing career start with $1 project. Now i am successful freelancer & satisfy with my income. but in starting i was not getting any job even reply from client. And i was thinking about leave it like freelancing will not work. But got my first reply for a $1 job but did not get job because i replied late and client hired another one. and again start bidding and got many prjects. in 1 year period i worked almost 3000 hours and many fixed job project
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    Theoretically, you can start with nothing at all and still succeed. For example, build following on social medias and feed them CPAs or affiliate offers.

    You can start on youtube and build a following there, spending only as much as a good mic and camera(if you need it) costs you.

    You can start by getting a hosting + domain, spending about 15$ for both for the first month and 5$ a month afterward, there is Wordpress and enough tools available for free that will allow you accomplish most of the things you'd like to accomplish, be it a blog, squeeze page, adsense, affiliate marketing or building a course or an email list, just to name a few.

    Maybe you want to offer a service that requires a subscription but doesn't involve creating a pricey product, then again all you'd need is the money for the host + domain. There are enough membership plugins available for free, and if you prefer going for a premium option the cost would still be way below 200$ for the best ones.

    So yes, there are a lot of options that come to mind that'd cost you below 200$ to start with, and I probably don't even know the half of them. Money WILL help you reach your goals quicker, but if you WANT to start and only have 200$, then nothing's stopping you.
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      Yes, but with this low budget, can someone dive into a Paid traffic source or PPC campaign? I think it would be better to take the free traffic road.
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    They could do marketing/social media/SEO training for $200 if they wanted to do it themselves.
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt D.
    Theoretically, yes.
    Realistically, no.
    Hard work always pays off.
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    Not really.

    Why? One simple reason.

    When starting out with PPC, you're going to lose money in the beginning, guaranteed. Some campaigns are just not going to work out, and you're going to have to keep optimizing them until they work.

    So that first $200 might go down the drain without a single sale... just saying.
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  • Profile picture of the author fratt55
    hey there

    the answer to your question is "yes"
    but you will have to devote some personal time to make sure that you learn the strategies and apply them..
    with little bit of money to start, i would recommend that you learn seo ... learning how to drive free traffic to your niche using search engines is all you should worry will take some time but its well worth it

    there are also lots of free tools out there to help you along the way
    so yea
    find a niche that you are passionate about, then
    do your due deligence and shoot for the stars
    talk soon
    sam f
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  • Profile picture of the author Grifstar
    There is other free methods for traffic than SEO but I'm not sure about automating it. In my own experience it has never gone that well.

    $200 could get you something if you have the right ad and targeting, but just starting out most of that money will go towards testing. His first goal should be finding something profitable before thinking about automation imo.
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    • Profile picture of the author salahghanem
      Yes, that's exactly my point. Just testing some paid traffic gigs will take the money down.
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    If your plan involves going down the road as an affiliate marketer, first learn the "ropes". Gain some knowledge of writing emails, copywriting, etc...(Free) There are courses out there that teach you how to set up autoresponders, where to find quality products, etc..(Free) write some compelling emails to send out, promoting a product that you found on one of the affiliate networks (Free)
    Now here's where your first dollar is spent. First month with a good autoresponder ..Aweber$1...Get response I think is free for 30 days, not positive. Add your 7-10 message series already prewritten.
    Take a few bucks and purchase a domain name and hosting. Get a plug in that allows you to build your own capture pages.
    Take the rest of the money and buy traffic with it and send it to your list.
    Save a few more bucks and send some more traffic.
    rinse and repeat.
    It sounds simple because it is. But I would spend some quality time studying your market, learning ad copy, opting into some good copywriters email lists, etc. It's easy, just not gonna be done overnight
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    Yes, it is possible if you have the perfect system to start with.
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    If you can buy and sell with a good margin...sure

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable.

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  • Profile picture of the author dev4life
    I started with $0, a free .tk domain. Made Youtube videos got conversions from that, then ugpraded to a .com domain, did a lot of SEO onsite, offsite myself, made more videos with the .com domain. Started getting ranked on google, bought some links. The website ranked in the top 10, after doing more seo, it was in the top #1-2 google, #1 bing. The website was making me at it's peak $300 a day. Even to this day, the website dropped from Google, it's still on bing #1, got blocked on many browsers even, but it's still making me around $20 a day. And that is around 2 and a half years later.
    Don't say anything is impossible.
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    It really depends on what you're doing, what i've been doing recently online hasn't cost me a dime, and yielded a profit well into the 4 digits. but of course that's taken time and effort a lot more compared to a self automated business.

    I've tried paid traffic and spent over 200$ in the past and didn't make that money back in the end so it does depend on the method.
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    • Profile picture of the author DeGeneral
      I will appreciate if you can share some of your ideas with me. Thanks
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    Not impossible at all. I did it. But of course having a little money does save you some time and headache . No question
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  • Profile picture of the author yukon
    Can someone start online marketing with only 200$?

    Sure, why not?

    Nobody is forced to use paid ads.
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  • Profile picture of the author aslika765
    $200 is definetely not enough my friend
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  • Profile picture of the author Edwin Torres
    $200 is enough to get started.

    Hosting is around $5-8 a month. A domain is around $10 a year.

    You'll have more than enough money left over to reinvest in your business or to save up and only stick to free methods.
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  • Profile picture of the author lukepedretti
    Yes, but its definitely harder.

    One way that I've found effective is Instagram shoutouts. If you have an Insta account related to what your trying to sell, $200 can go along way. simply contact a major influencer in your niche ask for a shoutout. If your product is any good that $200 could give you an immediate ROI. Then reinvest, or use the profits to run ads. If he doesn't have a product just become an affiliate of someone else's, thats what i do.

    Personally I have done this method with less than $200 and its worked. As for building a long term business using just this method, I think that would be hard.
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  • Profile picture of the author carlamae
    You can do anything if you're willing to put in the time and do a bunch of things yourself. It's like the difference between hiring a contractor to build your house or building it yourself. One way takes a lot longer, while the other ways costs you, but you will start seeing results much sooner.
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  • Profile picture of the author Paolo Rocchi
    Given the right business model you can literally start from scratch and make money.

    Though you need to learn specific skills that will allow you to get results like setting up your sales funnel, write copy, creating purposeful content and maybe even put together your information products.

    I know i did it. Once i understood the process i managed to create a sales funnel overnight using free tools and sell my products. All i spent was domain name, hosting account and aweber autoresponder.

    That was long ago and although my sales funnel has drastically improved i still use those same free tools to build my business.

    Once you figure out the riddle of making your first dollar you gain the real confidence and knowledge to make this online thing finally work for you.

    All you need to do next is optimize and keep growing step by step.

    It is absolutely possible, though if you are a newbie, you will need the direction of someone who has done it otherwise the learning curve can become very extensive...

    and at times for some of us a lesson too expensive to learn.
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  • Profile picture of the author Paolo Rocchi
    Would like to add a positive note here for those getting started..

    You can make that first sale starting from scratch, zero, alone and without all the secret connections.

    When you build an information business from scratch, It is a must that you learn to build assets like strategic pieces of content, reports, and at least a little product. You can do it all for free.

    When you have those assets you can leverage them to gain traction and really boost your business easily.

    We all start from the same place, from within ourselves. You are your biggest asset right now.

    You want an internet business? Build one. You can do it if you put in the work to make it work for you!

    Define the idea for your business. What is the real message you want your customers and clients to hear and see? What can you share with them that will impact their life? What is YOUR unique story?

    See....? Who cares if it's going to take you 50 bucks or 200....Just take that first step...
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  • Profile picture of the author rozzski999
    $200 is not a lot but its a start, link that in with free advertsing methods, you tube etc it may be possible.. Good Luck
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  • Profile picture of the author blackout17

    Personally I tell everyone before starting to learn how to do it before spending a big sum of money. A lot of people come to me having already spent a massive amount on money on stuff not required.

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    • Profile picture of the author salahghanem
      Actually, learning is the money consumer here my friend.
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  • Profile picture of the author quadagon
    $200 is more than enough.

    In fact I would probably advise that you split that amount up.

    Invest $100 on second hand books and learn both 'how to sell' and 'why we buy'.

    The rest is enough for hosting, a domain name, a theme and even a little to spend on ppc via a voucher for bing or AdWords.

    Make sure you have something newsworthy about your business (or you) and with a good press release you can get both local and national coverage.

    There is a lot of free marketing methods than can get quick returns you just need to identify the ones that are right for your market.

    I set a friend up with an e-commerce business that spent about £200 to set up.

    That money was invested in stock, packaging, branding and flyers on top of the essentials.

    That business now turns over 5 figures a month. Obviously some money had to be reinvested in stock etc but after the initial £200 it was all playing with the houses money.

    Another person I set up with drop shipping and a simple marketing method involving social media and shopping channels. She's not making the same amount but is living comfortably and enjoying her work. Again her start up costs were below £100.

    I've also run a Kindle publishing company that was essentially run for nothing.

    No paid advertising just some free marketing strategies and books I authored myself.

    Even the book covers I did myself with free images and guidance from YouTube videos and forums.

    That business was sold last year to one of our main rivals for a sizeable amount.

    On the back of this I've took on several clients and have helped them sell books.

    This side business has been set up with zero costs.

    It's definitely something that can be done but you need a solid business plan, ability to implement that business plan and the work rate to see it through.

    Despite what you would believe in many threads on here spending is no guarantee of success. In real world businesses you make money by driving down costs and selling for more.
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    • Profile picture of the author salahghanem
      I believe that, helping people starting businesses of their own is the real deal here. Thank you, and please keep on that
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  • Profile picture of the author Rahul Chaurasia
    Its Completely not depend how much money you have to start. Its depend on how much time & knowledge you have. You can start with $0 through free blog. or in under $50 a new domain name & web hosting plan.

    You can do blogging or affiliate marketing for products & services. I am freelancer and also start a site. But can t give much time on it. If you are interested you can join me. By the way i am full time freelancer - eCommerce Developer.

    * And please - please never waste your hard earn money on seo. They just make fool. i Hired 3 seo person all have same story. First they say it will take atleast 3-4 month to get some result. But this is not issue. Issue is that they are not able to show ny work after a month
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    • Profile picture of the author salahghanem
      Yes, i agree with you. Knowledge is the weapon.
      About the SEO; you're absolutely right about it. When it comes to seo, you have to know what you do and invest with people that have your complete trust or, you'll lose your money.
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    • Profile picture of the author Marian
      Just don't buy the hundreds backlinks on Fiverr! It's a waste of time and money.

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      • Profile picture of the author pawandave
        It is more than enough to start, if you ask me only $1 is enough to start online journey ....Yes it is cost of domain and hosting ...But it is long way to make money..

        So in short, yes you can start whatever amount you have but it takes time to make money. The fast way to start is to get some coaching...
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  • Maybe you can, but my advice would to get higher budget so you get faster results.

    Or if you have all the skills and time to do it yourself then you can even do it for free
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  • Profile picture of the author Owird
    Might work if you do Facebook ads, gotta be a really specific niche though. But you will probably get roi from it.
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