What are the main options to design a business website?

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Anybody can help me to give the proper solution? I want to start a garments company. I have a lot of support to build this. There are many items in garments sector. I need the promotion of my garments and products. So I need a website to highlight them. Now I want to know that how can I start my company website? Please inform me. Thanks
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    Not sure exactly what kind of website you are looking for, but you should check out Shopify and Wordpress.
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    Wordpress and the Woocommerce plug-in would be my choice in this situation.
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    There are lots of WordPress themes available for every niche I guess. Start here: https://wordpress.org/themes/

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    If you have lot of support, you might want to ask them what's the best way to proceed.

    he great thing about Wordpress is there are a variety of plugins for almost anything you'd like to do online. If one proves unsatisfactory, the you can try something else. If you'd like to upgrade your theme, you can do that with no trouble at all.

    Still, Shopify is probably the best go-to platform for this kind of enterprise. I imagine you'd need a variety of parameters to list - size, color, quantity, discounts, coupons, shipping options. Shopify specializes in these kinds of businesses and they have numerous add-ons as well to make your life easier.

    Shopify has a monthly charge, usually depending on how many items you wish to sell. Wordpress is free to begin, but for your kind of business you'll need some quality plugins and it's doubtful you can get by with a free version.

    Lastly, you (or your support) can talk this over with Shopify. With Wordpress you might start out pretty much on your own. You could conceivably be spending a lot of time testing and experimenting.

    For an online ecommerce business, I'd go with Shopify.
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  • I would suggest starting with a platform that is e-commerce ready and e-commerce -friendly if you want something an online store with shopping cart. But if you would just like a website that will showcase who you are and what your company does, you may go with WordPress platform.
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    well you not mentioned that you want a simple business site for promotion or you want an eCommerce site. If you want an eCommerce site you can go with Woo-Commerce, Shopify or Magento. if your budget is not very tight then you can go with Magento for eCommerce site. For Normal business site you can go with Wordpress.

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    Get website design ideas here: themeforest.net - Then you can comeback again asking a bit more specific question to get better answer.

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    You can design your business website with Nwebkart. Nwebkart provide several good customized features such as:
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    • Amazing themes
    • Affordable price
    • Mobile responsive websites
    • Outstanding customer support
    • High security
    • Easy integration of payment gateways
    • SEO friendly sites
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    Shopify actually has some hella good Case Studies available as well.

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